Sunday, December 30, 2018

ES Preview: Redbox Bowl

Michigan State Spartans vs Oregon Ducks
MSU: (7-5 all, 5-4 B1G).  Nike: (8-4 all, 5-4 P12)
Sagarin Ratings: MSU #31, Oregon #33

Santa Clara, CA - Home of the 49ers
Dec 31, 2018.  3 pm ET.
TV: Fox

Line:  Nike is favored by 1-1/2

Best win:  MSU 21-17 over Penn State.  Oregon 30-27 OT vs Washington.
Worst loss:  MSU incompetent 6-9 at Nebraska.  ORE whipped 15-44 at Arizona.

Oregon has scored at least 30 points in 9 of its 12 games.  When losing, they've scored 15, 20, 25, and 31 points.  Yes, they score a ton.

MSU has given up LESS than 30 points in each game except one all year (the first game of the season).  The Spartan defense is world-class, better than that Michigan crap we saw in the Peach Bowl, and has kept MSU in games all year regardless of the ineptitude of the offense and OC Dave Warner.  That defense is great to watch, #1 across the board.

Yes, DEFENSE wins championships, and MSU has had a harder schedule than Oregon.  But, MSU's offense has been entirely mismanaged, bungled, and is inept at best.  In its losses, they've scored 13, 19, 7, 6, and 6.  Yes, they don't score.  MSU's offense is not well thought of by the Spartan Nation, after struggling until the 4th quarter to beat Rutgers in its last game.  (FYI, Rutgers is ranked 121st by Sagarin behind such national FCS powers as Dartmouth, Samford (not a typo), Colgate, UC Davis, and Kennesaw State).

The 14-10 win over Rutgers was the single-worst experience the ES has ever experienced in Spartan Stadium. Ugly, cold, rainy, and pathetic against a shit team.

Bottom line:  teams are supposed to get better as a season progresses - MSU has done exactly the opposite and become far worse.   That blame goes straight to coaching and to coach Dantonio. 

ES was so bored by the Spartans' effort in an empty, rainy, cold Spartan Stadium
in late November, he turned red-faced in honor of the Scarlet Knights,
with the sheriff and Dieter watching in laughter

  • Kat:  Oregon, 27-7
  • Poke: MSU, 24-20
  • Zech:  Dux soup 27, Spartans 17. If LJ and Lewerke are 100% and play that way, maybe State pulls the upset 20-19.
  • Aussie Paul:  MSU, 45-0.
  • Chef Tom: I hope we do better than Purdue, Notre Dame and Michigan. Should be a piece of cake.
  • Big Bob:  Oregon, 42-7
  • Sloth: 1-0, both teams suck so badly on offense, that they will have to go to penalty kicks.
  • Big Joe and Phantom 309:  Ducking fucks 38-the shittans -4
  • RGM3:  Oregon, 24-14
  • Gregger:  Ducks, 34-27
ES sez:  Just no offense all year.  Prove it otherwise, coach D.  Regardless, you can score 100 points, WAKE UP AND FIRE WARNER.  Oregon will win, 31-17

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Michigan pouts after smack down in Peach Bowl

Maybe catch the ball next time, or get a more prepared coach? 
Stop pouting, you look silly.