Monday, September 27, 2010

Wisky comes in as 1-pt favorite; MSU at #21

Wisconsin is an early 1 to 1.5-pt favorite at Spartan Stadium this Saturday. Kickoff is set for 3:30 pm. The Big Green climbed to #21 in the coaches/USA Today poll. Ohio State is #2, Nebraska #6, Wisky #9, Iowa #18, scUM #19, Joe Pa #20, MSU #21. Shit, seven of the Big TWEN are in the Top 25.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

45-7. Ho Hum shit-kicker

OK, so the ES was off by 7, final 45-7. Great defensive effort by State, but it was nice to see the team with a complete performance from Cousins (16-of-20) and Bell with 95 yards was just a horse, amazing. He reminds the ES of Lorenzo White, just guys bouncing off him everywhere and deceptively quick. Slippery moves, big, and strong.

Next up: bring on them STINKING BADGES.

What a great day for football. If Cal, Boise State, LSU, and South Carolina win tonite, that is 4 spots for Mich State to move up in the polls. Don't be surprise to see the Big Freaking Green in the top 20 tomorrow!

How GREAT was it to see Brian Kelly CRASH AND BURN vs Stanford, losing at home 37-14. The Irish got their ASSES kicked under the long arms of Jesus Christ. Couldn't happen to a better team. Their 1-3 butt is about to become 1-5 (next up BC, Pitt) and with stints vs Navy, Tulsa, USC, and Utah on the schedule, a 4-8 year looks about as good as the Irish can hope for. HA HA HA HA HA HA. Whip the Goddam Irish!

Prediction: MSU vs Northern Colorado

ES sez: Michigan State 45, Northern Colorado 14. Kickoff set for 12 noon, on Big Ten Network. The ES will be there!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aaron Bates was Player of the Game vs ND

Funny. The ES poll posted who would be the player of the game for MSU vs ND. 119 people voted. Only one - 1 - voted for punter Aaron Bates, who obviously was the player of the game... not only for punting, but also for passing. Bates not only THREW the TD pass in OT to win the game, but his big-time 55-yard punt near the end of regulation bailed Kirk Cousins out of a NIMROD-type play which stopped the clock and could have potenially given the Irish position to kick the winning FG prior to the end of regulation.

Yes, Bates was the player of the game. He was also named Big Ten Player of the Week:

"SR, P, New Concord, Ohio/John Glenn
Bates completed a 29-yard touchdown pass to tight end Charlie Gantt off a fake field goal attempt in overtime to give Michigan State a 34-31 victory over Notre Dame. The senior punter also recorded eight punts for 363 yards, good for an average of 45.4 per boot, and placed two punts inside the 20-yard line. Bates currently ranks third in the conference with 45.9 yards per punt, including a long of 62 yards against the Fighting Irish. The Ohio native collects weekly laurels for the first time in his career."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TE Sims accused of computer theft

No wonder Dion Sims isn't playing at TE for the Spartans. He was accused in a laptop theft ring. This MAY be a reason (or not) for his not playing for MSU so far this fall, despite his talent. He has now been suspended, according to USA Today.

Wow, how many ups and downs for MSU? last second win over Irish, heart attack for head coach, suspension for talented TE?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Spartans favored by 29 over Northern Colorado

While there is no official line from the bookies, one can use the Jeff Sagarin predictor ratings to help provide some level of comparison between Michigan State and Northern Colorado.

Michigan State is ranked #41 but has 76 predictor points.
Northern Colorado is ranked #169 and has 50 predictor points.
Michigan State is at home (+3 home field advantage).

Prediction: 76-50+3=29 point margin of victory.

Kickoff is set for Noon from Spartan Stadium, it will be on the BTN. Early forecast for Saturday is 66 degrees and partly sunny.

About Northern Colorado (website)

Well, The Bears are 2-1 and compete in the Big Sky Conference as a Division I-FCS school. Before the season Northern Colorado was predicted to finish 7th out of the 9 teams. They defeated Division II Adams State 54-0 and are coming off a 35-21 win over Idaho State. Two weeks ago, the Bears lost in overtime to Weber State, 47-50. They seem to have a balanced offense, running for 201 yards per game (3.9 yards per carry) and passing for 203 per game. Their best player is senior cornerback Korey Askey (#2). On offense, senior RB Andre Harris (6-1, 220, #21) is their best player, with 275 yards (5.4 yds per rush) through three games and six TDs. Punter Cameron Kaman is averaging 37 yards per kick. FG kicker Mason Puckett already had two kicks blocked this year, is 4-8 with a long of 39 and 0-2 from beyond 40. That's enough scouting. Back to work.

Quick Stats

Michigan State's Edwin Baker is ranked #9 in the nation, and #3 in the Big Ten, in rushing with 130 yer game. LeVeon Bell is #26 nationally with a 101.3 avg per game. The Spartans are ranked #16 nationally in rushing with 241.7 yards per game. Aaron Bates is ranked 13th in punting with a 45.8 yard avg. Keshawn Martin is #22 in punt returns with a 13.4 yard avg. MSU is ranked #28 in total offense with 442 yards per game, and #74 in defense giving up 362 yards per game.

Biggest blemish? MSU's past defense ranks #108 out of 120 Division I-FBS teams, giving up 288 yards per game through the air.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dantonio suffers heart attack - in hospital

The Doctor, head football coach Mark Dantonio, suffered a heart attack last night after the game. He is doing well but is in Sparrow Hospital. Dame game was so stressful and exciting he suffered a heart attack! God speed and prayers are to Dantonio and his family. Don Treadwell is taking over the duties as head coach, but MD is expected to fully recover. Press release at 12:55 Sunday afternoon is accessible here.

Here it is on ESPN website: "Dantonio, who was "resting comfortably" Sunday and expected to make a full recovery, was admitted to the emergency room at Sparrow Hospital and had a stent put in a blocked artery near his heart"

MSU #23 this week

After the dramatic win over Notre Dame in OT last night, Michigan State is #23 in this week's USA Today poll.

Photos & Video: Michigan State 34, Notre Dame 31

Here is the ES' photo stream from the game, as well as video he shot from the stands of MSU's Chris Norman stopping Notre Dame on a 4th and 1 late in the fourth quarter. LISTEN TO THE SPARTAN CROWD ROAR!

And the ES is in roaring laughter at the comments posted on the South Bend Tribune:

"Notre Dame is obviously about to become the illustrative sentence in Webster's Dictionary under the definition of "loser" and what man or woman, with a degree here needs to live with that. This is a program in a death spiral..."

"This might be the most painful loss in years and there have been many. The team performance and intensity have greatly improved because of practice coaching but game coaching is a disaster." HAHAHAHAHA

WOW - Dantonio has the biggest balls of them all

Wow, I've seen it all. Now, I can die happy. Last night was the greatest play in the history of Spartan football. The ES was there, the crowd exploded. Mark Dantonio has balls the size of Mac Trucks. Cohones, extremely large nuts. After the whole game, with the Spartans pissing away multiple opportunities, and Dantonio playing woosie ball without blitzing until the very end, he redeemed himself with a mountain of guts with a fake field goal in OT to win. Nooone in the stadium saw that coming, and it was executed to perfection. Pure genius! God I LOVE MICHIGAN STATE.

The ES has emails and calls from all over America in stunned belief, WE WON!

And it couldn't happen to a better team. I hate the Goddam Irish. Screw them, god I hate Notre Dame. Brian Kelly just got reamed and taken to school. It must sting and BURN to be a Fighting Irish fan today. It is pure joy to know your enemy is in agony.

MSU is now undefeated at 3-0, and the sorry Irish are 1-2.

Thank God our punter, Aaron Bates the holder, threw the ball - at least he could throw a good ball. Captain Kirk Cousins played erratic all game, several bonehead plays including the incomplete pass over the line of scrimmage near the end of regulation and the sack in OT, although had a GREAT play for a TD to tie late in the game, with a rollout and telling BJ Cunningham to go deep to the corner of the end zone. Just erratic.

Will we be ranked this week, even though we beat ND just like Michigan? Probably not, stupid media.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

ES sez: MSU 34, Notre Dame 21

ES is going out on a limb, and thinking with the rainy weather impending that gives a bonus to the run game... which is much in the Spartans' favor. Just have a feeling this is a game that Sparty dominates early and often, particularly with Kelly's first game on the road.

ES sez: MSU 34, Notre Dame 21.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michigan State - Notre Dame Predictions... edge to MSU

Who sez MSU will win:

Sparty On - MSU 24, ND 17. "Notre Dame's defense lacks speed."
College Football News/Scout - MSU 31, ND 27. "MSU will get physical and control the clock."
ESPN/Rittenberg - MSU 33, ND 31. "Conroy kicks a 42-yard FG as time expires."
Lock Smith Sports Picks - MSU -3: "Take Sparty to the bank." - MSU. "Conroy has been on fire from big distance."
BetOnline - MSU. "Notre Dame does not enjoy a considerable talent advantage over MSU."
Hammer and Rails - MSU 24, ND 23. "That leaves it to the ground game, where I think MSU has an edge."
SportsBook Lists - MSU 27, ND 24. "MSU doesn't back down from ND."
Stars and Slights - MSU gets the edge. "Tensions will be high amongst a hostile crowd."
Sports Network - MSU. "Look for [Cousins] to explode as he did in last year's game... look for things to get even worse for ND in the first trip outside South Bend this season."

Who sez ND will win:

Midwest Sports Fans - ND 24, MSU 21: "Crist is expected to play and be 100 percent."
College Football Lines - ND 33, MSU 27: "Notre Dame offense more potent than what Spartans have to offer."
NBC Sports - ND 27, MSU 23. "We're comfortable here with the role of Irish as underdog."
Chicago Now - ND 31, MSU 27. "You can flip a coin on this one."
Irish Central - ND 32, MSU 18. "Look for the Spartan defense to struggle mightily."
One Foot Down - ND 35, MSU 24.

Don't know their picks, but We Are ND loves Spartan Stadium: "Spartan fans and players are always dialed up for the Irish, which makes road trips to East Lansing a pretty entertaining experience. The nearby lots are definitely tailgate friendly as opposed to their in-state rivals, and MSU fans/students know how to get their drink on."

DANTONIO ON BTN Thursday night

At 8:30 PM ET tonight on Behind the Schemes, Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio joins BTN to talk X’s and O’s heading into this Saturday's matchup against Notre Dame. Dave Revsine hosts alongside coaches, Glen Mason and Gerry DiNardo.

Monday, September 13, 2010

MSU vs Florida Atlantic slideshow

Just added some photos from the MSU vs Florida Atlantic game in Detroit. It was a yawner, but at least we won. Maybe 25,000 there? But, they served beer.

MSU favored by 3.5 over Irish

The early line has MSU a 3.5 point favorite at home over the Notre Dame Friggin Irish this Saturday. It's Extendo-gate Saturday with an 8 pm kickoff. Over at Jeff Sagarin, MSU is ranked #39 and Notre Dame #51 - Sagarin is predicting a Spartan 4-point win. MSU climbed to #32 in the USA Today coaches poll and #38 in the AP; no surprise as the media-loving scUM baggers stuck the Yellow Bellies at #20 (AP Poll), and the coaches love scUM at #22. Don't be shocked if MSU beats the Irish but doesn't enter the Top 25...

Friday, September 10, 2010

ES sez: MSU 44, Florida Atlantic 21

The ES will be there tomorrow in Detroit, sitting in the MSU Fan Section rooting on ell the Spartoonies - around 25 yard line. Watch for some blogger updates and photos.

What's my prediction? ES will take the Sagarin line, a 19+ point win by Michigan State at Ford Field in a tune up for Notre Dame. ES predicts Michigan State 44, Florida Atlantic 21. Player of the game? I dunno, but I'd say another 300-yard ground performance is in the works. Would be nice to see 5 or more sacks and consistent pressure from the D-line.

If you read the Sun-Sentinel, interesting quotes from FAU coach Howard Schnellenberger: "we were as good as them [Michigan State] the last time we played." However, no matter how they paint the picture, even the Florida media predict a 38-13 MSU win.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

CMU Temple not Va Tech. D'oh!

Oops I did it again. Sagarin predicts a Central 1-point win at #59 Temple tonight; not Va Tech. What was I thinkin'? The CMU students pointed it out to me today.... duh.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The world according to Sagarin

OK, Jeff Sagarin was pretty accurate last weekend when it came to MSU and CMU last week. This week? Sagarin ratings predicts a 20 point victory for the Big Green in Ford Field (MSU #34 and FAU #85), while the Chips are a 15 point 'dog tomorrow night at Va Tech (Va Tech #21 and CMU #73).

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Media loves to hype scUM

Are the media buying the hype on scUM after one game? Certainly, they are... they are creating the hype, and watching it, too. One week after nary a vote in the AP Poll, scUM jumps to #26??? After one game, sure, thumping national football power UConn at home 30-10. The coaches poll is a bit more reasonable, vaulting scum from Not Ranked to #35, while Mich State wallows at #36. We shall see about scUM and Dick Rod when they travel to take on the #27 Irish, who just sneaked past Purdue, at a 3:30 tilt on Saturday. The ES will hear the game from the road, traveling back from the Fla Atlantic-MSU thriller NOT.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


ES did pretty good with his predictions... Final 38-14, ES predicted 38-17 over Western. And, as he told his class on Thursday, he agreed with Jeff Sagarin's point system which predicted a 30-point win by CMU over Hampton... CMU won, 33-0.

Will look at Florida Atlantic later this week, they beat Alabama-Birmingham, 32-31, over the weekend, and blocked a potential 28-yard game winning FG to seal the win.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

ES Prediction for MSU - Western Michigan

Prediction: MSU 38, Western Michigan 17

Friday, September 03, 2010

CMU 33, Hampton 0 - report

Went to the CMU game last night vs. Hampton. Don't let the score, 33-0, fool you. CMU looked awful, they should have led 50-0 at halftime... offense was lethargic. Hampton self-destructed with a snap over the head of the punter that led to a safety, worst punting in history, including several 20 yard punts and one -5 yard punt (yes it went backward), CMU returned the safety kick 80 yards to the 2 yard line, Hampton QB fumbled and lost 35 yards on one sack, etc. Hampton's biggest play, a 60 yard slant pass, was called back due to an illegal formation. Hampton could do nothing right. CMU's average field position in the first half was about the Hampton 15 yard line... there were few sustained drives by CMU when they did have to go a distance, several missed field goals. New QB for CMU has no touch on his throws unlike Dan The Fever...

Central plays preseason MAC favorite Temple in Philly next week. Too many mistakes by CMU on offense, and nothing impressive. Put your money on Temple, unless Dan Enos can create a miracle in a week.

New Big Ten Divisions includes Nebraska with MSU

Fastforward 2011: ES really likes being in the same division as Nebraska and playing them every year. Sure, we've never beating the Corn, but having the chance to play a storied program every year is awesome.

The divisions are:
1) Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska and Northwestern
2) Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue and Wisconsin

Each school will play the other five schools within its division and will also face three teams from the other division, including one cross-division matchup guaranteed on an annual basis. The guaranteed cross-division matchups are Illinois-Northwestern, Indiana-Michigan State, Ohio State-Michigan, Penn State-Nebraska, Purdue-Iowa and Wisconsin-Minnesota. Names for each Big Ten football division will be announced at a later date.

The winner of each Big Ten division will meet in the inaugural Big Ten Football Championship Game, to be played December 3, 2011, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The championship game will determine the Big Ten Champion and the conference's participant in the Rose Bowl Game.