Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BCS title is now officially FBSBCSCFP

OK, so now it is the NCAA Division I-FBS-BCS-CFP.  Bowl Championship Series "College Football Playoff" is the new name for the 2014 college football championship at the highest level of NCAA competition.

Even BCS was simpler.  So, just remember, it is not "college football title game", rather it is FBSBCSCFP. 

It was so much simpler as Division I-A.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Connor Cook excels in Spring game; looks to start in Fall

Yes, it snowed today during the Spring football game for Michigan State here in East Lansing.  You know what else sucked?  Andrew Maxwell. He has not improved one iota since last year.  Maxwell looked like the crack of mine arse with very tentative, poor leadership (mind you, the 46-yd TD pass from Maxwell was off a busted defensive play from a 7 yard interior slant).  But a very nice crowd... maybe 30,000 in 30 degree weather?  Wow. Now, see the stats of the 24-17 White victory.

So, let's get to the QB talk.  Connor Cook?  Unlike Maxwell, Cook actually used his eyes, looking further than 5 yards down the field, throwing countless passes (most incomplete) along the sidelines on timing patterns.  But, Cook threw some very sharp passes, including a nifty 22-yard TD to Arnett in the 3rd stanza.  Cook looked better than serviceable - he has improved.  He was determined more often than Maxwell.  Our third choice, Tyler O'Connor, threw three interceptions, all were on very poor reads with worse passes.  At halftime, Cook at 200+ yards passing.  Maxwell had 18.  Yes, 18 yards from Maxwell threw the air.  The problem?  Maxwell can't make decisions.  Period.  He is just flat incapable of getting it done.

Today, if the ES were going to layout the QB depth chart for the fall:  #1 Cook, #2 Maxwell, #3 O'Connor. 

Riley Bullough at fullback. There was one play when Bullough darted around left end, used his stiff arm, and ran for another 20 yards.  That dude has the Bullough-family trademark of toughness and he really, really played well.

Max Bullough at LB was his usual stud-self.  Loved his bro at FB/TB.  Arnett and Fowler were most consistent at WR.  Marcus Rush played well at LB/DE. And, Cook at QB for sure.  The defense is far ahead of the offense so far.  Final score in this game was 24-17... Of 5 TDs, 3 were scored by the defense. 

Maxwell.  WR Burbridge & Mumphrey both dropped passes and had fumbles. DT Lawrence Thomas (pushed back off the line too often with slow feet, he needs to lose some weight).  Big ole #77 in Green, Henry Conway (6'6, 320).... is he just too big?  He has GOT to move his feet faster.

Spartan Spring Game with Snow!

OK, so the Spartan Spring football game is today, at about 2:35 pm ET.  It will be broadcast on BTN.    There is no admission, so come on over.... if...

IF you want to dodge the snow flurries.  Yes, here it is, April 20, and it snowed about 1/2 inch last night here in EL.  Right now, half an hour (2 pm ET) before kickoff, and it is 35 degrees here in EL.  Brutally cold. Most of the snow melted around here by noon.  But, it still is too damn cold.

The ES may go over and see Big Bob if he can break away... but if not, no big deal.  It will be a lot warmer on television.  The worst spring EVER here in East Lansing.