Friday, December 31, 2010

ES predicts Alabama-Michigan State tilt; Tread moves on; Hoops hot second half

Prediction: MSU vs 'Bama
You can read all the other predictions out there. It will be one helluva bruiser contest. In the end: #7 Spartans 27, #15 Tide 23. See ya at the Peanut Barrell at 1 pm tomorrow.

As you've all learned by now, Spartan football OC Don Treadwell has been named the head coach of the Miami at Ohio. This is a good gig - Miami has a gem of a football tradition in the Mid American Conference, it also happens to be Treadwell's alma mater. He was certainly an asset for the Spartans this year.

For those not in the know, Tread used to be the ES' neighbor, when he was an assistant under the befuddled leadership of Bobby Williams. The ES still has Tread's MSU leather jacket. The ES wishes the Treadwell family well...

FYI - who is the current OC for Miami-Ohio? None other than... Morris Watts, the former OC for Michigan State under Nick Saban and Bobby Williams, who actually coached the final three games of the 2002 season after BW was fired. Wow, college FB can be incestual.

MSU Hoops
The Big Green opened its Big Ten season at home, as a #20 rank to host the #14 Minnesota Golden Gophers. MSU is ranked lower than Minny? ??? That didn't add up, and it showed. The Spartans shot 1-14 from behind the arc in the first half and trailed by 7 at the break... but went on a torrid 21-3 run, with Summers hitting 4 straight threes. MSU won, 71-62 but were up by as many as 15 in the second half. Jeez. Wake up, Big GREEN.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Capital One Bowl Predictions: Alabama vs. Michigan State

OK - we're winding up to the kickoff for the Capitol One Bowl. Two days until the kickoff of Michigan State vs. Alabama Crimson Tide and its hated enemy - former Spartan head coach Nick Saban. The ES will be watching the game with Big Bob at the Peanut Barrell in the center of the Spartan universe, East Lansing. Let us look at predictions - and make your prediction at the poll to the right. The ES digs the prediction of CFN/Scout: "Alabama is going to be shocked by how physical the Spartans are."

Capital One Bowl
1 pm ET. Orlando, Florida.
77 degrees/partly sunny.
#15 Alabama (9-3) vs #7 Michigan State (11-1).
Line: Alabama is a 10 point favorite.

Trending Alabama: CFN/Scout (ALA 31-27), Locksmith Sports Picks (ALA 24-17), Associated Content (ALA), Bleacher Report (ALA 30-21), Cappers Picks (ALA 28-17), Saturday Down South (ALA 31-23), CBS Sports Expert Picks (ALA 4-1), AccuScore (ALA 34-19), Rivals Expert Picks, (ALA 4-0)

Trending Michigan State: NBC Sports (MSU 26-24), ESPN/Pat Forde (MSU 25-24)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Greatest Article Ever on NCAA rules

Here it is, by Drew Sharp. He is 100% on the spot. I'd put NCAA president Mark Emmert in the crosshairs regard to this and DEMAND leadership.

Read it: Sharp has policy and politics appropriately and accurately intertwined. And, thus Ohio State and Auburn get off SCOT FREE.

The ES is in tears and anger - in agreement.

Lions WIN, again - 3rd in row

And the Lions win again, on a last minute INT-returned for a TD? Is this like the Spartans going 11-1 or something?


Friday, December 24, 2010

Shame on the NCAA: Ohio State, Auburn, NCAA, and Hypocrisy

Let us lay it flat out: the NCAA is being hypocritical, and college sports is at a crossroads in relation to the whole Ohio State and Cam Newton/Auburn situations.

The charge: that five Ohio State starters, including QB Tyrell Prior, cashed in their gifts of college jerseys, Rose Bowl rings, and free tattoos for up to $2,500 each. Now the Buckeye athletes have been caught and have to repay the money they earned and also be suspended for five games next year AFTER the Sugar Bowl. Said Ohio State AD Gene Smith: "The discount on tattoos is not as big as the other pieces... I'm not trying to make those two the same. But the cash was relative to family needs." God forbid, we might all starve or freeze to death without having tattoos.

The problems: (1) it is not a competitive playing field -- few others in college sports/football get a chance to sell championship rings, so the chance for extra revenue gives those players an advantage (and those coaches an advantage).

(2) what else is for sale? So let us say I am a famous booster (for example, Michigan's former booster Bill Martin), and I decided to give a Ferrari, or more realistically, a special edition Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer, to a famous hoopster. What's the difference in goods or cash: handing $2,500, $50,000, or giving an automobile? What if former UM hoopster Tractor Traylor had decided to sell his vehicle, which was GIVEN by Martin to Traylor's mother, for $35,000 in cash?

More importantly: (3) hypocrisy. Cam Netwon's father was shipping him around for cold-hard cash. And Newton was not exactly ace-ing his classes, coming from FSU to a junior college; God prays Newton is prepped for the real world without Pampers some day. But, Newton "didn't know," yet the NCAA finds, that his dad attempted to extort money out of Mississippi State and others? And Newton is given a clean break? So, how can Ohio State players also plead "ignorance" and not pay the price?

(4) Double hypocrisy: Moreover, going back to the UM situation, the NCAA eventually learned of the cheating via the Fab Five, and gave UM's basketball program near the death penalty, with a vacation of its Final Four, returning five seasons of victories, and multiple season of probation... something that decimated that program which has been down ever since. The ES says, where is the justice in this case? The values aren't so dissimilar.... that should be the emphasis.

(5) Triple hypocrisy. I teach a course in values at CMU. Much of what we talk about is 'doing the right thing" and "learning your value set" and "what is your moral compass." I guess they don't do that at Ohio State? Let's not pretend to be stupid. Ohio State players should have known this was a problem. If they did not, as suggested by the NCAA, then the compliance staff at OSU are really idiotic; for the college athletics program with the second highest revenues in the nation, I guess they can afford staff to know and share the rules with the players. I'm not buying this. At best, it is lack of institutional control and ignorance.... at worst, it is a holier-than-thou attitude among Ohio State athletes. I'm angling on the worst here, which leads to the worst penalties. Again, what is hypocritical here is players just pleading ignorance and getting off light... which means...

(6) Quadruple hypocrisy. Mark May on ESPN really had a solid point on Wednesday night. Ohio State, Michigan, the Big Ten is treated differently than rest of the nation. In all honesty, these OSU players should be suspended for the bowl game. But instead, OSU head coach Jim Tressel will support the NCAA decision to give them the opportunity to play in the game. Hmmmm.... For instance, this season at West Virginia, three players were suspended for the Champs Sports Bowl for not meeting academic eligibility requirements. So, why do three WVU players get suspended for their bowl game, but the five OSU players can wait until after the Sugar Bowl to enter the NFL draft or serve their eligibility next year? Earlier this year, Georgia's AJ Green was suspended immediately for the next four games after selling his Independence Bowl jersey for $1,000.... yet OSU players get to sit out until next season?

The NCAA LOOKS AWFUL, terrible, hypocritical... and matter of fact, it looks incompetent in this case with Ohio State. The ES just about gives up, other than KNOWING that it is the folks in power -- particularly JIM DELANEY -- that creates a culture to make decisions like this.

This decision is against the values of higher education, it is a "talk the talk but don't walk the walk" with respect to the NCAA, is ethically against the principles of college athletics, and is shameful. Shame on the NCAA: suspend the OSU athletes immediately, or open the financial floodgates for athletes.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Basketball? Who cares

Luckily, we can always count on a rugged Big Ten season and the NCAA tournament. Time to put non-conference 2010 men's hoops to bed. It was pretty ugly vs. Syracuse and Texas, the Big Green couldn't hit a shot if their lives depended on it.

Let's concentrate on football. 8 days and counting until we get to kick Nick Saban around.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LIVE CHAT: MSU vs Texas hoops

Cover It Live: MSU vs Texas at 7 pm tonight.

Predictions? MSU vs Texas

Rex predicts a 77-74 MSU victory over Texas tonite. Yet, CBS Sports predicts 76-74 Texas... The Spread predicts an MSU victory, despite the Big Green as a 5 1/2-pt favorite. And, Cappers pickes predicts a 68-65 Texas win.

Da ES? MSU comes out after a few days off by taking it out on the Horns. Lucas and Summers will get off. MSU 82 Texas 70.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And soon the head will fall

"They are throwing body punches, Sean. Body punches, and soon the head will fall.... And you can see, [MSU] they have no regard for them [scUM]. They are just pounding them."

The ES, again, right now, watching the MSU - Michigan game, kicking their arse on the gridiron, for maybe the 30th time. (hint: go to the 5:30 mark of this video...) These comments quoted are from Matt Millen in the third quarter, as MSU went up 30-10, and he was witnessing what we all saw. God, this year may have been the best of all by the complete Spartan domination.

And at the end "...You know what, they got the win, because THEY ARE JUST A BETTER TEAM."

Beautiful. Matt Millen is an awful administrator but he is a great commentator. This game says it all.

Excuse me while I grab a Kleenex to wipe my tears of joy. The ES will likely watch this daily for the rest of his life.

Patino is an IDIOT

Rick Pitino is an idiot, and even worse, he is a dangerous idiot.

Someone who is a coach, a mentor to our youth, just doesn't believe that concussions are a common occurrence. Let alone the fact that the research is better, the medical understanding is better, and the fact that students are larger and faster... but why bother? According to Pitino, if you get a concussion as a college athlete, you are just adding to the problem????

WHAT AN IDIOT. Watch and learn (around 2:50-3:20): "if you slightly run into a door, you get a concussion. Everyone has a concussion today."

Pitino should be ashamed for hisself. And he had a signing bonus at Lousiville for $8.9 million and has an annual salary of $4.5 million? HE IS PAID $12 MILLION TO LACK COMPASSION? What a total, dangerous dummy. You want some rational thought on it? Then, read here.

I would NEVER recommend anyone to send their kids to play at Louisville if he has no interest in understanding and sharing with athletes what the current risks and benefits are from college sports. Without an interest in the research in concussions, Pitino demonstrates his drive for victories at the expense of athletes' welfare. Pathetic.

$12 million and a total dumb-ass. As for me, this Patinoism signals the ES is in the wrong line of work.

BJ out for Cap One bowl; Jay Bilas sighting

Unfortunately, as reported by ESPN, wideout BJ Cunningham will be OUT of the Capital One Bowl due to a broken foot suffered in a practice injury on Saturday: "Michigan State junior wide receiver B.J. Cunningham, who led the team with 50 receptions for 611 yards and nine touchdowns during the regular season, will be sidelined for the Jan. 1, 2011, Capital One Bowl game against No. 15 Alabama with a broken foot. The 6-foot-2, 220-pound Cunningham suffered the injury during bowl practice on Saturday, Dec. 18, and underwent successful surgery the next day. He is expected to completely recover in time to participate in spring practice."

Damn, he has been a stud, particularly in the Penn State and Purdue games.

So, here I am at Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe.... and who sneaks in to the coaches corner of the bar? None other than ESPN's Jay Bilas, followed soon after by Tom Izzo and his kid. It's 4:15 pm. They are still here...

PS - he doesn't have as much hair as you see at right. He's like almost bald.

Bilas must be in for the #12 Michigan State vs #18 Texas stint, tomorrow night at 7 pm on ESPN 2.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

LIONS WIN. YES, it is true

And here I am after watching the Detroit Lions WIN today? ??

Behind Spartans' Drew Stanton as QB and Dave Rayner with his game winning FG? My God, where there is a will there is a way. The Lions fought back with grit and determination, very much Spartan style. It was sweet to watch... Two wins in a row? Winning on the road? Huh? The tide turns.....

3 for 3 and Big Sky IPA

ES feels good so far, going 3-for-3 on his bowl picks and racking up 92.5% efficiency. Only 32 more bowl games to go.

Izzo suspension? MSU beats Prairie View A&M 90-51.

What else is the ES up to? Watching the Detroit Lions pretend to be good vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14-7 TB with 3:30 remaining in the first half)... Organizing his crap after this term and getting focused for dissertation work all week. Doing this while sporting a very nice, hoppy Big Sky IPA out of Missoula, Montana. Never heard of this one, until I swung by "The Store" at CMU and the proprietor said he couldn't keep it on the shelf. Indeed, nicely balanced, hoppy-hoppy (think of Shorts HumaLupaLicious). Plus, it has a picture of an elk on it. Niiiice....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

BOWL MANIA - ES picks, bowls start today


Here is the ES' picks, using ESPN's Bowl Mania, and confidence points. You can join the same group the ES joined, "Michigan State Spartans" with your entry.

Which team will win the game? (ES selections are in bold.)
12/18 2:00 New Mexico
ESPNBrigham Young (21 points)UTEP
12/18 5:30 Humanitarian
ESPNNorthern Illinois (20 points)Fresno State
12/18 9:00 New Orleans
ESPNOhioTroy (30 points)
12/21 8:00 St. Petersburg
ESPNSouthern Miss (29 points)Louisville
12/22 8:00 Las Vegas
ESPNUtahBoise State (28 points)
12/23 8:00 PoinsettaESPNNavy (24 points)San Diego State
12/24 8:00 HawaiiESPNHawai'i (31 points)Tulsa
12/26 8:30 Little Caesars
ESPNFIUToledo (3 points)
12/27 5:00 IndependenceESPN2Air Force (15 points)Georgia Tech
12/28 6:30 Champps Sports
ESPNWest VirginiaNC State (14 points)
12/28 10:00 InsightESPNMissouriIowa (13 points)
12/29 2:30 MilitaryESPNEast CarolinaMaryland (23 points)
12/29 6:00 TexasESPNIllinois (16 points)Baylor
12/29 9:15 AlamoESPNOklahoma State (25 points)Arizona
12/30 12:00 Armed Forces
ESPNArmySMU (9 points)
12/30 3:20 New Era Pinstripe
ESPNKansas State (26 points)Syracuse
12/30 6:40 Music City
ESPNNorth CarolinaTennessee (4 points)
12/30 10:00 HolidayESPNNebraska (34 points)Washington
12/31 12:00 Meineke Car Care
ESPNSouth Florida (19 points)Clemson
12/31 2:00 SunCBSNotre DameMiami (FL) (18 points)
12/31 3:30 LibertyESPNGeorgia (17 points)UCF
12/31 7:30 Chick-fil-aESPNSouth Carolina (22 points)Florida State
1/1 12:00 TicketCity
ESPNUNorthwesternTexas Tech (12 points)
1/1 1:00 Outback
ABCFlorida (32 points)Penn State
1/1 1:00 Capital One
ESPNAlabamaMichigan State (6 points)
1/1 1:30 GatorESPN2Mississippi State (27 points)Michigan
1/1 5:00 RoseESPNWisconsin (11 points)TCU
1/1 8:30 FiestaESPNConnecticutOklahoma (35 points)
1/3 8:30 OrangeESPNStanford (33 points)Virginia Tech
1/4 8:30 SugarESPNOhio State (10 points)Arkansas
1/6 8:00
ESPNMiddle TennesseeMiami (OH) (8 points)
1/7 8:00 Cotton
FOXLSU (7 points)Texas A&M
1/8 12:00 BBVA Compass
ESPNPittsburghKentucky (5 points)
1/9 9:00 Kraft Fight Hunger
ESPNNevada (2 points)Boston College
1/10 8:30 BCS Title
ESPNOregon (1 points)Auburn

What will the final score be?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Izzo suspended by NCAA

A little bit about hoops. Tom Izzo getting a suspension from the NCAA for a secondary violation? Yes, Coach Izzo should have been more adroit when it comes to what he's trying to do to entice players to the MSU program. Is he being used as an example? Yes, he is.

So, let's not make more out of it than what it is. He violated the rules and is paying his pennance. But, not coaching vs Prairie View A&M isn't a tough sentence. Rather, it DOES speak volumes of the problems of recruiting and too much emphasis and resources being placed on going after kids in AAU (or other third party) summer camps. It's really ridiculous, let's be honest.

No big foul here, though. Next up: Texas, Dec. 22.

Don't lose any sleep over it. The ES won't.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Michigan State on the outside of major media contracts...or so it seems?

Michigan State not among IMG clients... are they missing out on profits? Read the most recent column in Street & Smiths, and see that while Michigan is raking in a cool $86 million of its 12-year contract with IMG, the Spartans aren't among those listed. But should they? Or, who is the alternative? Why is MSU not on this list? Are they not recently signed, or is the Big Green settling for another media rep? I say, let's settle for WILL TEEMAN and his terrible, terrible basketball broadcasts!!!!

Read it here.








15 years

IMG College



13 years

IMG College

Ohio State


10 years

IMG College



10 years

IMG College

North Carolina


13 years

Learfield Sports



10 years

IMG College



8 years

IMG College#



12 years

IMG College



12 years

IMG College



10 years

IMG College



10 years

IMG College



12 years

Learfield Sports



10 years

Learfield/IMG College#



10 years

Learfield Sports



10 years

CBS Collegiate Sports Properties



10 years

IMG College#

Arizona State


10 years

IMG College#



10 years

IMG College

Florida State


10 years

IMG College#



10 years

IMG College

South Carolina


9 years

IMG College#/Learfield

Oklahoma State


10 years

Learfield Sports



9 years

IMG College#

Mississippi State


10 years

Learfield Sports



11 years

Learfield Sports

Texas Tech


7 years

Learfield Sports



12 years

IMG College

Notre Dame


10 years

IMG College#

St. John’s


10 years

IMG College#

MSU a Legend; Big 10 now called B1G

OK. Announcement out of Big Ten HQ today... The ES likes the division names, hate the new, UNC Powder Blue colored logo. B1G is clever but the font is sinful. But who cares really? The Legends Division is a brutal football division, while the Leaders Division looks to have a stronger men's hoops base.

LEGENDS: Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern

LEADERS: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin.

Let's get real. Why don't we change the name to the Big Twelve?

Bowl Preview: ESPN picks Alabama over Michigan State

ESPN had its bowl preview last night, with pundits (Robert Smith, Todd McShay, some other punk) giving 19, 25, and 29 confidence points to Alabama to win over Michigan State. Fine. But what was wrong with the presentation? It only discussed Alabama, had nothing to say about the Big Green. Sigh. We still have a ways to go for respect, Spartan fans...

Monday, December 06, 2010

Alabama favored by 11 over Michigan State; Big Ten is Underdog in 7 of 8

The bookies in Vegas are making Alabama a decided favorite over Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl. The Crimson Tide are favored by 10 1/2 to 11 points by all the bookies...

Ohio State is the only Big Ten favorite in the bowls, as a 3 pt favorite over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. All the other Big Ten teams are underdogs: TCU is favored by 2 1/2 over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, Florida is favored by 7 over Penn State in the Outback Bowl, Mississippi State is favored by 6 over Michigan in the Gator Bowl, Texas Tech is favored by 9 1/2 over Northwestern in the Dallas Football Classic, Missouri is favored by 1 over Iowa in the Insight Bowl, Baylor is favored by 2 over Illinois in the Texas Bowl.

I don't see that holding -- Big Ten will win at least half its bowl games...

Why is the BCS a crock? MSU-Alabama or UConn-Oklahoma

UConn is going to a BCS game. What a joke of a BCS game.

Jeff Sagarin ranked UConn #62 in his ratings of teams for the BCS.
UConn is 8-4. MSU is 11-1.
UConn lost to Michigan 30-10, a team Michigan State beat by 17.
UConn also lost to Temple 30-16, Rutgers 27-24, and Louisville 26-0.

What's better is the Capital One Bowl, with Michigan State facing the defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide and Nick $aban. That's gonna be one helluva game. A shitload better than UConn vs Oklahoma. The Sooners will win by at least 40 points.

The early line is that Oklahoma is favored by 17 points over UConn. The other BCS matchups? Wisconsin by 3 over TCU in the Rose Bowl, Stanford by 3 over Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl, Ohio State by 3 over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl, And, Auburn by 3 over Oregon in the BCS Title game.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Spartans get Saban & the shaft

Well, Ohio St got the Gold Mine and we got the shaft, as expected. Mich State has it's best season in 45 years and does not get an offer to a major bowl, while Ohio State has a down year and heads to it's 6th BCS game. We have never even been to a BCS game. 11-1, beating the Rose Bowl representative extensively I guess is not good enough.

That said, for those of us who think Nick Saban is nothing short of a Devil-ass, money chasing, unethical bastard ... Well we get our chance to kick his ass. Michigan State vs Alabama in the Capitol One bowl on New Years Day. Many of us football fans hate Saban and what he has done to drag college football in the mud. $aban $ucks.

Should be a great matchup and a great game. No BCS stings, but it tells Dantonio we still need to take another step to gain respect. MSU ended #9 in BCS and it is time for us to win a big bowl game and finish in the top 5.

It is complete bullshit that Connecticut and VaTech get BCS bids and we get to watch after posting a Big Ten title at 11-1. Makes you wonder who gets the spoils? Jim Delaney and Big Ten should be ashamed of themselves. We beat Wisconsin convincingly. Sigh.

And a shitty Mich teams gets bumped up to the Gator Bowl? Shows you and Dantonio that this is effort of success needs to be consistent and for the long haul. A one year wonder will not cut it. We need 9-plus wins and a top-10 top-15 finish for several Years in a row to change the culture and national impression of MSU.

Bottom line- we deserve BCS but we cant competes Ohio State unless we beat them straight up. Death to the BCS. And to Ohio State. And to Nick Saban

#7 Michigan State awaits BCS

Here comes the BCS and Michigan State's justifiable hopes for Orange/Sugar/Fiesta. AP Poll relaesed earlier this week has #4 Wisconsin, #6 Ohio State, #7 Michigan State -- and, #7 MSU beat #4 Wisconsin handily earlier this year... all three teams are 11-1. Shall the Spartans get its just due in its best year in 45 years, or will it get the shaft in favor of Ohio State in a down year?

Tune in on ESPN or Fox Sports (not sure which one, channel flip) at 8:15 pm to see the official BCS pairings...

AP Top 25
1Auburn (36)13-01473
2Oregon (23)12-01462
3TCU (1)12-01379
6Ohio State11-11179
7Michigan State11-11101
10Boise State11-1932
12Virginia Tech11-2817
16Oklahoma State10-2622
18Texas A&M9-3601
19South Carolina9-4332
21Mississippi State8-4288
22West Virginia9-3283
23Florida State9-4188

  • Dropped from rankings: Northern Illinois 24
  • Others receiving votes: UCF 63, Maryland 30, Tulsa 18, Navy 11, Miami (OH) 8, Northern Illinois 7, San Diego State 6, Pittsburgh 2, Fresno State 2, Iowa 1, North Carolina State 1, Air Force 1

Meanwhile, the #6 Spartan men's hoops team (6-2) travels to Madison Square Garden in New York to take on a #7 Syracuse team (8-0). Wait until the 'Cuse gets a load of the athleticism of the Spartans. Back to get our mojo, starting this week... Tuesday night at 9 pm on ESPN.

Friday, December 03, 2010

UM: Keep Rich Rod and Appalachian values

The ES is here at the Peanut Barrel, in absolute tears laughing and talking to Joe about Terry Foster's column in the Detroit News about Rich Rod as scUM coach and his performance at the Michigan annual football banquet last night. Please, pray god he sticks around; he is Ann Arbor's answer to John L. Smith.
  • "Someone described Rich Rod as a guy giving a bad speech to the bride and groom at a wedding. The only difference is the best man is usually tanked so he has an excuse."
  • "This was one of the most embarrassing moments in Michigan football history. It is something Buckeyes and Badgers and Spartans will laugh at for years to come."
  • "Usually, we see performances like this from Lions coaches when they finally realize they have no shot at winning."
  • "After Rodriguez embarrassed himself and the program by playing "You Raise Me Up" at the annual football bust I would have asked the DJ to play "Hit the Road Jack."
  • "A Michigan man? He looks more like a mess of a man."
  • "And the weak and sniffling Rich Rod hardly looked like a Michigan man.
Let us be real... Are we at Michigan State the only ones who see the significant contribution this man, Rich Rodriguez, has made to the history of football and to the integrity of the University of Michigan? He has done no wrong, being absolved of all possible NCAA rules misconduct. He has improved the program from 3-9 to a resounding 7-5 powerhouse, in a matter of three years. Graduation rates on the team are not significantly worse. More importantly, he has instilled sound Appalachian West Virginian values into the culture of Michigan athletics - values of "spread and ready" and "shotgun" if you will... And, "he wants to be a Michigan man" - that is called loyalty... what more do you want Michigan faithful. Keep Rich Rod!