Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Spartan season tickets are here!

Woop woop!  MSU 2015-16 National Championship football team season tickets have arrived!  Less than two weeks 'til the season's opening tilt at Western....

Sunday, August 09, 2015

RIP to the legendary Frank Gifford

RIP to the best of Monday Night Football (from left):
 Dandy Don Meredith, Howard Cosell, and now Frank Gifford

Frank Gifford died.  People, young people just won't get it.  He may have been the greatest two-way player in football history.  He won the NFL MVP for the New York Giants in 1956 playing running back, wide receiver, and defensive back.

In 1960, he was clotheslined - knocked into orbit  - by Chuck Bednarick in one of the greatest hits to date in NFL history.  The dude was a GREAT broadcaster.  I mean, great.  He was honest, open, and compassionate; and he LOVED hanging with Dandy Don Meredith (one of the greatest Cowboys of all-time) on Monday Night Football.  I grew up with Gifford on TV in the 70s.  He was a legend.

I read a book by him many years ago:  The Whole Ten Yards.  It was pretty good, an entertaining and... um, frank, conversation about his life and meeting Kathie Lee.

You need to watch some of the old clips of him playing - he was elusive and deliberate in his actions.  Really, truly remarkable.  This is a tough loss.

2015 Michigan State Football Hype Video

LOVE IT - the ES is jacked.  R u?

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Week 1 odds - Big Green favored by 19 at WMU: shameless, tickets, hype, and mononucleosis

The ES is getting jacked up for the FB season. Fall preseason camp is underway!  Looks like tix to the Oregon game are impossible below $160.  Thank GOD I have a pair.

Week one, MGM Grand in Vegas lists the Big Green are favored by 19 at WMU.  You going to the game?  The ES will be there! Let's 'gate`- let me know.   Odds from Vegas:

Utah is favored by 5 at home over Michigan.  LOL.  
TCU is favored by 14 at Minnesota.
Illinois is favored by 16 at home over Ball State
Penn State is favored by 7 at Temple
Stanford is favored by 12-1/2 at Northwestern
Nebraska is favored by 6 at home over BYU
Alabama is favored by 10-1/2 at home over Wisconsin
Marshall is favored by 7 at home over Purdue
Ohio State is favored by 11 at Virginia Tech

Rutgers vs Norfolk St
Iowa vs Illinois St
Maryland vs Richmond
Indiana vs Southern Illinois

I love the new hype video for the Spartans - an amazing amount of shots of the Rose Bowl, the Cotton Bowl... but moreover, dominated by our kicking the crap out of Michigan the last 7 years.  Certainly, the priority of smashing scUM, and the stupid hype over Harbaugh in Ann Arbor, have festered the Spartan braintrust to create this focus in the video.  It's lovely.  You should watch it, and see scUM's Devin Gardner get planted time, and time, and time, and time again into the ground.

Disgusting, unfortunately for Hicks.  
What IS a bummer is Darian Hicks, who has mono.  He might be out a month, but otherwise, we are healthy!  About mono: the ES had mono the day he was inducted into ADP at Michigan State in 1987 ("mono" is part of my official fraternity nickname), and the ES had it the week after when he attended the Spartans' defeat of Indiana to advance to the Rose Bowl.  It sucked.  But, I played :), albeit on a different stage - Hicks can too????  Be well, first - thankfully it's a month before Oregon.  Hicks was burned repeatedly against Ohio State and against Baylor - but hopefully, we can plug those holes.