Saturday, November 25, 2017

Enlightened Preview: Michigan State at Rutgers

#16 Michigan State at #Nothing Rutgers
High Point Solutions Stadium
Piscataway, NJ

4 pm ET.  ES is in San Antonio:  3 pm CT.


Sagarin Ratings:  MSU #29,  Rutgers #89

Line:  Spartans favored by 2 TDs (14)

IT'S RIVALRY WEEK!  Nothing like playing your biggest rival on the last football Saturday of the year.  Gotta give it up to Jim Delaney for this scheduling - brilliant move to put the Spartans against the oldest football program in the history of the game. Idiot.

Big Bob joined the ES for the Rutgers game last year.  We drove all the way to New Jersey.  Tickets were $100 each, if you can believe it.  We ran into Doug (Spartan lover from DC) who sat next to us and cheered on the Big Green in our only Big Ten win of the year.

That's the tree that ES punted the football into. 
Landed on the top.  Shit you not. 
Travis Park, San Antonio.
Now to this year.  Yesterday was epic.  Started out the day going to a park and kicking my best punt of the year.  Seriously.  Beautiful spiral.  Ended up on the top of a tree.  Lost my ball.  Sucked.  But, then shot guns at shooting gallery, beer & tequila, went to a Hofbrau house, and actually took a nap.

By the way - LOVING the Big Green men's hoop machine.  The Spartans looked like a pro team last night vs UConn.  Wow.


Debbie Does Texas:  34- 10 MSU.
GVSU Gregger:  27-24 Rugrats.
Aussie Paul:  34-0 MSU.
Jack V:  24-10 good guys.
RGM3:  24-7 Michigan Agricultural College.
Oakland Ronnie:  35-14 MSU with Rutgers going up 14-0 in first quarter
Big Joe and Phantom 309: 38-6 MSU. Rutgers never should have joined the big ten
Glen Arbor Tom:  I just hope the weather sucks.

ES sez:  I miss my football 31, Jimmy Hoffa 10.

FYI - Mike:  Best PAINT JOB EVER!!!!!!!!  Please don't rain on that paint job!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Graham Couch LSJ: "Spartan Stadium crowd was disappointing" - GET WITH THE CROWD

Worst weather ever.  EVER .  Snowglobe. 
This is what I sent to Graham Couch of the LSJ today, someone who I respect... but I think he needs a few more years in his gut first after reading this crap. My response - DON'T YOU DARE MESS WITH THE MSU FAN BASE. GET YOUR ASS IN THE STANDS FOR 4 HOURS LIKE ME.


I did my best. I stayed until 4:30 in the 4th quarter and was frigid and shaking with freezing bones and arms.

I don't appreciate your comment about the Spartan fan-base. You should have been with me the whole game instead of in your cozy box. Your writing is disappointing. I tried. I was there.

Why don't you come stand with me for 3 hours the next time and get soaked in rain FIRST and then watch the temps dive below freezing and the winds pick up? I had Spartan friends fly in with their kids from FLORIDA to watch this game and they left early. You are disappointing with your comments. I throw the blame back on you for even stating as such. How DARE YOU bring up the fan base. Get your ass out of the press box for 4 hours and in the stadium. That's BS. I'm very very upset with what you say.

If we were #1 in the country playing Alabama, that stadium would not be half full. No way, the weather was AWFUL. Get out of your comfort seat for 4 hours and join me next time. That is my invitation to you. See you in Florida where it is warmer.

Yes, I am going to put this on my website and criticize you - it's just not fair. Your statement is biased and privileged. 

If you were to first, be like us, then criticize us. That's fine. But with your report - You have no right to say that. I will blast you on social media. Take me on - it's fine. I have no problem.


Freezing our asses off.  Why bother in 124?  Deeter.
I'll be damned if I was gonna leave.  
Colder than a ticket-taker's smile at the Ivar Theater on a Sat night

Friday, November 17, 2017

Enlightened Preview: #17 Michigan State vs. Maryland

#17 Michigan State vs Maryland Trailer Park
East Lansing, Michigan

November 18, 2017.  4:00 pm ET.
TV: Fox

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #28, Maryland #74
Line:  MSU by 16

Comments:  Maryland is on their 4th quarterback.  Sorry, but game over.  After burning the tape last game, it's time to hit the reset against an offense that couldn't down a whiskey-shine in a shit box.

  • Sloth: MSU 6-0
  • Big Joe and Phantom 309: MSU 44-17
  • RGM3: MSU 35-10
  • Debbie Does Texas: MSU 37-21
  • Chris Zeck: MSU 2-0.  Walk off safety!
  • Brock: Bad weather tomorrow. I’ll go with 14-10 MSU.
  • PB crowd:
    • RAIDERS Ronnie - MSU 34-14. MSU will score on every offensive possession (include FGs)
    • Raiders' better half Mackenna - MSU 28-21
    • Skuz:  MSU 34-17
  • Gregger:  32-17 Big Green TD Machine
  • Antioch C: Home game...mad about last week....running game will get going...sans fumbles... - MSU 24 & UMD 10
  • ASHE Jeremy: Bad weather? We got this. 19-18
  • Aussie Paul: MSU 56-0
ES sez:  Turtles: Go back to your trailer park.

Final score: Senior Day 31, Trailer Park 13. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Enlightened Preview: Spartans at Buckeyes

Welcome to reality Oscar Meyer
#12 Michigan State at #13 Ohio State
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH

November 11, 2017 - VETERANS DAY
11 CT - 12 ET

TV:  Fox
Sagarin Ratings: MSU #22, Ohio State #6
Line: Ohio State by 15-1/2

Comments:  Thank you Vegas for poster board material!  Even the Buckeye-faithful think the bookies are smoking crack.  Best bet in America.  Dantonio has his team on a roll... watch out. The end.


Debbie Does Texas: MSU 34-21
Sloth:  MSU 12-10
Grand Valley Greg:  OSU 34 - MSU 17
Gobble Gobble Turkey: 17-9 MSU
Oakland Ronnie: 31-17 MSU
Big Joe and Phantom 309: MSU 35-OSU 31
RGM3: MSU 24 Osu 21. Michael Geiger 2.0. Book your hotel stay. We going to Indy
Aussie Paul:  MSU 36-0

ES sez:  Doubting is done.  Buckeyes be done.  Follow the lead of RGM3: we going to Indy.  Another last second TD - and PAT - wins.

Buckeye Masters 27,  Ohio State 26.  

Monday, November 06, 2017

Photologue: MSU v Penn State

Photologue from Saturday, starting with the game winner...

The winner.  Clock says :02.  Brilliant

Isn't she freezing?  Fox tailgate

Before the storm

Real fans - diehards return

Blurry is accurate

Just a great football game to watch.  Brutal

Yup, we were right on top of the action.  Very loud.  

Incredible effort by the Big Green.  On the way to victory.

Score and kickoff... Cold, wet, fun!!!!  LOUD!!!

Bring it.


Stats don't lie: Lewerke is rocking

Let me share with thy mine age.

The last two weeks, Brian Lewerke has been on fire.  On fire.

He is 72-of-113.

No, that is not a typo.  He threw 113 passes in the past two weeks.  He has 1,014 yards in total offense.


In the 1987-88 season, MSU won the Rose Bowl, defeating the University of Spoiled Children twice that year.  That year - THE ENTIRE YEAR - Spartans through the air were 71-of-144 behind the leadership of Bobby McCallister - Andre Rison.

Lewerke has thrown for 845 yards... in two games.

Consider 1997.  And 2007.  Check this out - per game averages below. 

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Thank You Penn State

The Penn State offense at Michigan State
This is why you play the games.  Big Green up to #13

The ES has been to 1,000+ football games, but this was up there - top 10.  Screw the weather, enjoy the moment. That :49 drive was perfect.  Perfect.  The good Lord could not have scripted it better. Speaking of Him:

Thank you for lightning.

Thank you 400+ yards back-to-back, Mr. Lewerke.

Thank you for the cold, wet Novembers of mid-Michigan.

Thank you for ouzo.

Thank you for allowing our coach to dominate you.

Thank you for the Spartan Fight Song.

Thank you for witnessing complete control over a game.  Control.  This was a gift for you to learn how to coach a football game.  You are welcome.

Thank you coaching up 2-star recruits.

Thank you Michigan, Penn State, and Iowa.

Thank you for you and your dialed-in Vegas connections on a spank-down: NOT. 

The Pennsylvania State University: You are always invited.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Enlightened Preview: Spartans to upset Penn State

 #24 Michigan State (6-2, 4-1) hosts #7 Penn State (7-1, 4-1)
November 4, 2017, Noon
Spartan Stadium
Weather:  37 and rain. Ccccccc-cold

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #26, Penn State #3
Line: Nittany JoePas favored by 10

TV: Fox

Predictions: Debbie Does Texas: I believe in miracles, MSU 21-20
RGM3:  MSU 31-28, upset time
Chef Tom: I'll be there to witness MSU win in a surprise blowout.
Aussie Paul:  42-0 MSU.
Keith:  35-31 green
Turkish Gobbler Brock:  3-0 MSU
Big Joe and Phantom 309: 35-14 Penn State with little or no rain 24-14 MSU if torrential downpour
Grand Valley Greg: 35-28 MSU
Carly (I have no clue): 21-7 msu, I have no clue

ES sez:  Happy Valley is happy for a reason - there is nothing else within 300 miles of that place. Thank God we are home.  Defense wins this game - break out the long johns.

Upset City 15, Penn 14