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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Caulton Ray, Andre Anderson (not Jimmerson) Disappear

Michigan State running back Caulton Ray has disappeared from the official Spartan football roster. According to reports by ESPN and LSJ, both he and AJ Jimmerson have been disciplined and off the active roster. The release quoted on the LSJ website sates that Jimmerson has been removed from the "active" roster, but as of 10:20 pm on Wednesday, he was still listed on the website. Ray is g-o-n-e, gone.

SORRY, the ES didn't pay attention and it is Andre Anderson who is gone, not AJ Jimmerson. Hey, both guys names start with an "A", right? Sorry, AJ. And, yes the ES erred in saying disciplinary (although if you don't show up to practice, disciplinary action would lead to your removal from the team)...

Well, with the coming of true frosh Edwin Baker and Larry Caper as future studs, the playing time for Ray and Jimmerson as running backs was limited. But, what about that edjication? Sigh. I guess its all about the pigskin and not about the parchment.

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  1. Anonymous7:10 AM

    ES, it is Andre Anderson, not Jimmerson.