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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New website; Top 10 greatest Spartan events EVER

First off, the MSU Spartans website underwent an overhaul to keep it inline with the rest of the university's look, and also incorporate the new MSU image/design concept. ES gives this a big thumbs up -- pretty cool looking, easy to navigate. Although if the look is supposed to be consistent, the color seems a bit off and not the same tone of dark green... ES just begs to keep the Spartan sports history readily available.

Top 10 ES' Greatest Spartan Events Ever: #10

The ES is going to publish his top 10 greatest events as a Spartan going to MSU athletics... ever. Sometime over the next month, periodically we'll go over all 10 of them. Let's start with a strange entry at #10 -

10. MSU Men's Lacrosse vs Ohio Wesleyan circa 1992-1994.
I remember going out to this game, MSU was ranked and making a bid for the NCAA tourney. And, freaking Sparty showed up. And, so did the ES, with two of his buddies and another 24 buddies named Budweiser. Just sat there at Old College Field drinking beer and watching with a huge crowd of at least 1,000 as MSU wasted Ohio Wesleyan. It was a beautiful spring day, not a cloud in the sky. A surprisingly fun and unexpectedly raucous event, as the stands completed the wave.

Oh, and the ES wasn't the only one with beer at the event. It wuz a riot.

So while men's lax is now a club sport, back then it was varsity and the Big Green competed pretty awesome.

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