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Sunday, August 29, 2010

ES loves New Holland Brewery

Back to the hoppy guys. Here's another. While the service at New Holland Brewery in Holland SUCKED, the beer - well you can rave about it, incluing an amazing "Hopquila" shot... I tried the 10.5% Dragon's Milk Ale, which had more of a strong stoudt-like feel, and complex oaky flavors. Below, I picked up the 4-pack of the Imperial Pale Ale, a 9.5% doozy which blows the pants off its distributed Mad Hatter. Imperial IPA compares nicely to Bell's Hopslam or Short's Huma-Lupa-Licious. Nothing like a nice IPA before heading to the beach on a 85-degree day.

The ES plans to be in the stands this Thursday for CMU's opening tilt against Hampton Univ. Poor, Hampton, they'll probably lose by 50 points. Then, the ES heads home for Saturday's home opener, another dripping contest vs. Western Michigan. MSU is favored by 22 vs Western.

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