ES sez Michigan State 68, Iowa 64 The Enlightened Spartan: ES sez Michigan State 68, Iowa 64

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ES sez Michigan State 68, Iowa 64

Do we really want Purdue again? I'd rather play Ohio State... oh well, only in the Big Ten chumpionship game if we are lucky.

First things first, to take care of the Ugly Chickens. Spartans are 7 point favorites against the I-Men. Make it: MSU 68, Iowa 64. Will Durrell Summers finally show up? We shall see....

Bracketology still has MSU in, as the first of "Last Four In". A #11 Seed in the West, playing in DC vs Virginia Tech (that's a home crowd for the Purple and Pink).

Jeff Sagarin has MSU at #39 (and Michigan #40, BTW). Iowa is at #105. Sagarin projects it as a five-point win for Sparty.

RPI Ratings
has MSU at #47... and Iowa at #172 (ouch!).

So... a loss here and Michigan State is T O A S T. A win, and they are still on the bubble. To play PurDO.