Michigan State WHIPS Michigan by 30+ The Enlightened Spartan: Michigan State WHIPS Michigan by 30+

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Michigan State WHIPS Michigan by 30+

Welcome to the game. You think you got it -- then BRING IT.  Michigan State DESTROYED, devastated, and absolutely WHIPPED what Michigan thought they had in a men's basketball team.  It was so funny to watch, it was embarrassing, as Brenden Dawson jacked down jams, Keith Appling, Gary Harris drained treys, as Derrick Nix God Bless His Soul leaned in and hooked jumpers, and as the rest of the Spartans played 60-minute clamp-down defense to suffocate and belittle the game of Michigan.

If it wasn't so pathetic, it was hilarious.  Thanks to the good Lord above that this was broadcast on national television just for everyone to understand HOW FAR BEHIND THE SPARTANS that the little yellow men of Venus are. The ES was with Big Bob at the Peanut Barrel, and while rooting on Keith Appling and Gary Harris as they extended their defense beyond the 3-point perimeter for the WHOLE GAME was spectacular.  Loved the support from Payne and Dawson, defending the interior.

The ES just can't gush enough about Nix.  How many reclamation projects will Izzo endure?  Eric Snow, Kelvin Torbert, Tim Bokrakos, Drew Naymick, Goran Suton... now, Derrick Nix??

Unbelievable tonight.  What an ASS-BEATING.

A smack-down to reality.  Can we play scUM tomorrow?  Where, when?  Pretty please???

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  1. Nice writeup from Albom: http://www.freep.com/article/20130213/COL01/302130136/Mitch-Albom-Michigan-State-s-big-men-crush-Michigan-in-Big-Game?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE