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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spartan Spring Game with Snow!

OK, so the Spartan Spring football game is today, at about 2:35 pm ET.  It will be broadcast on BTN.    There is no admission, so come on over.... if...

IF you want to dodge the snow flurries.  Yes, here it is, April 20, and it snowed about 1/2 inch last night here in EL.  Right now, half an hour (2 pm ET) before kickoff, and it is 35 degrees here in EL.  Brutally cold. Most of the snow melted around here by noon.  But, it still is too damn cold.

The ES may go over and see Big Bob if he can break away... but if not, no big deal.  It will be a lot warmer on television.  The worst spring EVER here in East Lansing. 

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