Spartans slap around Iowa in big win The Enlightened Spartan: Spartans slap around Iowa in big win

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Spartans slap around Iowa in big win

ES will chime in more tomorrow.... WE WON!  26-14 over Iowa (yes, that is 26 points, all by the offense!) But, my God, other than a five-minute snooze, the Michigan State Spartan football defense put up a wall against the Iowa offense, in Iowa City. The absolute domination by the MSU defense, as predicted by the ES, allowed the offense some flexibility to get it done. 

Some quick comments: nice, nice, nice job by MD keeping with the run in this game.  Just keep what is going well to set up plays.  Connor Cook?  By far, by FAR the best game of his career.  Wow, the dude just played great, making some solid calls and throws in a hostile environment.  He was 25-44 for 277, and all of those numbers surprise me.  Hawaii Five-O's own Steve McGarrett Kings caught five for 92, but Bennie Fowler had his career day, and we needed it, with NINE catched for 92 yards.  MSU receivers caught their passes today... and it made the offense explode.

MSU outpassed Iowa 277-241... but outrushed Iowa 135-23. That's right, just 23 yards on the ground allowed to Iowa.  THAT IS THE STAT OF THE GAME.

The Spartans dominated this game from beginning to end, and a slight snafu in the second period did not deter the Big Green.  Methinks we have a great shot at getting to the championship game in the Legends if we play like this.

Two final points before I go to bed:

1.  The fake punt by Sadler on the first play of the 4th quarter was brilliant.  Big Bob and the ES discussed this extensively before the play, wondering if MD would do it - but thinking he wouldn't just because of the success of the MSU defense.  But, Sadler ran 24 yards and that drive consumed an additional 1:22 of game time and we ended up with 3 points.  Good, good play call.

2. Who the hell is Delton Williams?  Nine carries, 32 yards, LOVE HIM.

3.  MSU defense gives up just 264 total yards, and just 4-15 (27%) on third downs.  And it goes on.  The Spartan defense is just too good!  LOVED LOVED LOVED watching that defense just dominate Iowa play after play after play.  A big time wow.

More tomorrow, but the Spartans are in GREAT SHAPE to make a run.

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