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Friday, August 31, 2018

ES Preview: MSU vs. Utah State

Michigan State Spartans (0-0, #11 AP) vs
Utah State Other Mormons (0-0)

August 31, 2018.  7 pm.  BTN.
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI.
Weather:  79 and sunny

Sagarin Ratings:  MSU #9, USU #79
Line:  MSU -23 1/2

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??!!  Bring on that other team in Utah, Utah State University, which are the Aggies officially... but we really know they are the Other Mormons. 

I saw their plane arrive early this morning, flying in what looked like a B-52 very low over Grand Ledge.  (Since Mormons don't condone violence, it was probably just a low flying cropduster... at 5 am).  When they landed, the Other Mormons realized they intended to make their return to conquer Beaver Island, but instead arrived about 250 miles south at the Grand Ledge airport. The Other Mormons are directionally challenged (Jerusalem is across the Atlantic Ocean, not in Utah), but shall arrive in an Amish caravan in East Lansing sometime this afternoon.

Other Mormon plane arriving early Friday morning in Grand Ledge
So, are we scared of the invasion?  Nope.  But, they bring with them a beautiful day and an excuse for a tailgate!  Should be sunny at kickoff, upper seventies, and with grill, friends, and beer in hand - BRING ON FOOTBALL 2018!

ES sez:  Michigan State 38, Utah State 13
Smig: MSU 36-10
Sloth:  MSU 27-10
Keith: MSU 20-17
Big Joe and Phantom 309:  MSU 42-6
RGM3:  MSU 41-21