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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Controlling Destiny: Go Buckeyes!

All you Spartan fans out there, join the ES in rooting for the Buckeyes over the Boilers tonight. MSU leads the Big Ten with two games in hand over Purdue, and one game over Ohio State. But, Michigan State plays its only game of the season vs Ohio State at home on Sunday, and then has a week to prepare for its stint at Purdue. Then, Sparty mops up the rest of the season at home with lowly JoePa and the Yellow Bellies.

After Purdue and MSU, the Buckeyes travel to JoePa, play scUM and Illini at home. Purdon't? after Ohio State, they have home games vs Illini, MSU and Indiana. They travel to Joe Pa and Minny. Purdon't has the toughest schedule remaining.

Make no mistake: with OSU beating Purdue puts distance between MSU and the Boilers. If we beat OSU and finish 2-1, we'd still grab a share of the title. If we lose at home to OSU, then the win at Purdue becomes a must for a share.

Control your destiny, take care of business at home FIRST. GO BUCKEYES! By the way, Ohio State is favored by 3 at home....

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