45-7. Ho Hum shit-kicker The Enlightened Spartan: 45-7. Ho Hum shit-kicker

Saturday, September 25, 2010

45-7. Ho Hum shit-kicker

OK, so the ES was off by 7, final 45-7. Great defensive effort by State, but it was nice to see the team with a complete performance from Cousins (16-of-20) and Bell with 95 yards was just a horse, amazing. He reminds the ES of Lorenzo White, just guys bouncing off him everywhere and deceptively quick. Slippery moves, big, and strong.

Next up: bring on them STINKING BADGES.

What a great day for football. If Cal, Boise State, LSU, and South Carolina win tonite, that is 4 spots for Mich State to move up in the polls. Don't be surprise to see the Big Freaking Green in the top 20 tomorrow!

How GREAT was it to see Brian Kelly CRASH AND BURN vs Stanford, losing at home 37-14. The Irish got their ASSES kicked under the long arms of Jesus Christ. Couldn't happen to a better team. Their 1-3 butt is about to become 1-5 (next up BC, Pitt) and with stints vs Navy, Tulsa, USC, and Utah on the schedule, a 4-8 year looks about as good as the Irish can hope for. HA HA HA HA HA HA. Whip the Goddam Irish!

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