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Sunday, September 19, 2010

WOW - Dantonio has the biggest balls of them all

Wow, I've seen it all. Now, I can die happy. Last night was the greatest play in the history of Spartan football. The ES was there, the crowd exploded. Mark Dantonio has balls the size of Mac Trucks. Cohones, extremely large nuts. After the whole game, with the Spartans pissing away multiple opportunities, and Dantonio playing woosie ball without blitzing until the very end, he redeemed himself with a mountain of guts with a fake field goal in OT to win. Nooone in the stadium saw that coming, and it was executed to perfection. Pure genius! God I LOVE MICHIGAN STATE.

The ES has emails and calls from all over America in stunned belief, WE WON!

And it couldn't happen to a better team. I hate the Goddam Irish. Screw them, god I hate Notre Dame. Brian Kelly just got reamed and taken to school. It must sting and BURN to be a Fighting Irish fan today. It is pure joy to know your enemy is in agony.

MSU is now undefeated at 3-0, and the sorry Irish are 1-2.

Thank God our punter, Aaron Bates the holder, threw the ball - at least he could throw a good ball. Captain Kirk Cousins played erratic all game, several bonehead plays including the incomplete pass over the line of scrimmage near the end of regulation and the sack in OT, although had a GREAT play for a TD to tie late in the game, with a rollout and telling BJ Cunningham to go deep to the corner of the end zone. Just erratic.

Will we be ranked this week, even though we beat ND just like Michigan? Probably not, stupid media.

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