And soon the head will fall The Enlightened Spartan: And soon the head will fall

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And soon the head will fall

"They are throwing body punches, Sean. Body punches, and soon the head will fall.... And you can see, [MSU] they have no regard for them [scUM]. They are just pounding them."

The ES, again, right now, watching the MSU - Michigan game, kicking their arse on the gridiron, for maybe the 30th time. (hint: go to the 5:30 mark of this video...) These comments quoted are from Matt Millen in the third quarter, as MSU went up 30-10, and he was witnessing what we all saw. God, this year may have been the best of all by the complete Spartan domination.

And at the end "...You know what, they got the win, because THEY ARE JUST A BETTER TEAM."

Beautiful. Matt Millen is an awful administrator but he is a great commentator. This game says it all.

Excuse me while I grab a Kleenex to wipe my tears of joy. The ES will likely watch this daily for the rest of his life.