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Friday, December 03, 2010

UM: Keep Rich Rod and Appalachian values

The ES is here at the Peanut Barrel, in absolute tears laughing and talking to Joe about Terry Foster's column in the Detroit News about Rich Rod as scUM coach and his performance at the Michigan annual football banquet last night. Please, pray god he sticks around; he is Ann Arbor's answer to John L. Smith.
  • "Someone described Rich Rod as a guy giving a bad speech to the bride and groom at a wedding. The only difference is the best man is usually tanked so he has an excuse."
  • "This was one of the most embarrassing moments in Michigan football history. It is something Buckeyes and Badgers and Spartans will laugh at for years to come."
  • "Usually, we see performances like this from Lions coaches when they finally realize they have no shot at winning."
  • "After Rodriguez embarrassed himself and the program by playing "You Raise Me Up" at the annual football bust I would have asked the DJ to play "Hit the Road Jack."
  • "A Michigan man? He looks more like a mess of a man."
  • "And the weak and sniffling Rich Rod hardly looked like a Michigan man.
Let us be real... Are we at Michigan State the only ones who see the significant contribution this man, Rich Rodriguez, has made to the history of football and to the integrity of the University of Michigan? He has done no wrong, being absolved of all possible NCAA rules misconduct. He has improved the program from 3-9 to a resounding 7-5 powerhouse, in a matter of three years. Graduation rates on the team are not significantly worse. More importantly, he has instilled sound Appalachian West Virginian values into the culture of Michigan athletics - values of "spread and ready" and "shotgun" if you will... And, "he wants to be a Michigan man" - that is called loyalty... what more do you want Michigan faithful. Keep Rich Rod!