Game Day: ES predicts MSU at Iowa The Enlightened Spartan: Game Day: ES predicts MSU at Iowa

Friday, November 11, 2011

Game Day: ES predicts MSU at Iowa

Earlier this week, the ES took a swipe at why MSU tight ends have been AWOL for the most part during the Big Ten season; it has been a puzzle, particularly since it was highlighted as such a strength.  Sure enough, the Freep reported on the significance of injuries to that position... since the Doctor doesn't report injuries (ES agrees with that philosophy), we're left to wonder, ponder, and potentially criticize why there are drop offs in positions... Linthicum with a back injury, Sims with a broken wrist, and Celek with a concussion helps to explain the concern.  Let's hope we can find some production this weekend, because TEs may be critical in our matchup at Iowa.  Time for an ES prediction - 

#13 Michigan State (7-2/4-1) at Iowa Chickens (6-3/3-2)
Iowa City, Iowa.  12 noon ET.
Rankings:  MSU #13 (AP), #13 (USA Today), #17 (BCS), #29 (Sagarin).  Iowa #31 (AP), #31 (USA Today), #48 (Sagarin).

Weather: 47 degrees sunny.
Line:  Michigan State favored by3

Picks: MSU 17-13,  ESPN/Rittenberg: Iowa 27-24, ESPN/Bennett: MSU 23-17, Scout/CFN: Iowa 24-20, Rivals: Iowa 24-20, Hawkeye Lounge: thread

ES pick:  MSU 17, Iowa 14.
Predicted stats of the week:  OK, Spartans have  just 36 combined pts on the road, and no road rushing TDs this year?  MSU hasn't won in Iowa City since ES went to State (1989)?  That changes - Spartans get enough on the ground (150 rush yards, 1 TD) and the defense stands up (allows the Skinny Chickens less than 250 total yards) in a rough-and-tumble victory.