Watching Michigan getting killed by Alabama The Enlightened Spartan: Watching Michigan getting killed by Alabama

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Watching Michigan getting killed by Alabama

It's beautiful. Simply a thing of beauty, right now, watching the Michigan Loserines get their butts kicked. On national television, at Texas Stadium. It's 21-0 Alabama, and not even the end of the first quarter. The "mighty" Denard Robinson hurt his own shoulder, and can't even last a quarter in one piece. Brady Hoke looks shell-shocked. When will the WalMart Wolverines learn that Denard is just a poor quarterback against good competition; sure, he mops up the sisters of the poor, but against good defenses (Michigan State, for instance), he gets frustrated, has just gotten pounded and hurt. And against Alabama, they're playing the best - this ain't no surprise.

I am laughing so loud it hurts. This is a complete embarrassment for the vermin of Ann Arbor. Let's see how this turns out, how long until the Michigan faithful make for the exits. At this rate, I give it half-way through the third quarter.