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Thursday, March 14, 2013

B1G Ten Tourney.... Gholston HOF Cafe Watch Party... Vegas Title Odds

ES is all jacked up for the B1G Ten Tourney championship.  At around 3:30 today, ES was in a meeting with several colleagues today who figured last Sunday a few of us Spartans were pulling for the Wolverines to beat Indiana to get MSU a share of the regular season title. NOT!!!!  We SOUNDLY denounced his sacrilege and referred to the new Pope maybe needing to forgive our sins in tone and language.  At 3:30, we may have been the first to ask this Pope Francis for forgiveness... but NAHHH.

What is hilarious is the scUMbags get to play an extra game. Thanks, Francis, God is good.  ES could care less about the performance of those wearing stupid yellow-glow-in-the-dark blinding uniforms.  Bumble-bee uniforms in football, and blinding yellow high-lighters in basketball.  They may be great engineers and doctors, but they are color-blind artists in Ann Arbor.  We'll still kick their butt and their extra game.

As for the tourney, well it shall be fun - the ES will be at the Spartan HOF Cafe with his fam and work colleagues at the Spartan HOF for a Mid-Michigan Spartan Alum watch party.  Wanna come out for some brews, food, auction items, and fun while we kick Iowa or Northwestern's bootie?  Game time, tipoff is ETA 7:45 pm on Friday, on BTN.

We'll be hangin' with William Gholston if you're interested...  Need to contact SRothw@aol.com if interested...  GO GREEN!

OK, we'll be throwing some smack at Bracketology all week long if Lunardi doesn't give the Spartans props with at LEAST a #2 seed (and maybe a #1 if they win the B1G tourney?)  But real-time RPI ratings, which are significant in determining NCAA tourney qualifications, so far place the Spartans at #9. should be a great week in March, as is always!!!!  It is IZZO TIME.
Check out VegasInsider.http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-basketball/odds/futures/  Spartans are 12-1 to take the title, Michigan is 10-1, and Indiana is 9-2... ES likes our chances, and the $20 he put in the Spartans in Vegas in November.  Here are the full lines below:

Indiana 9/2
Duke 5/1
Louisville 6/1
Florida 7/1
Michigan 10/1
Miami, FL 10/1
Gonzaga 10/1
Georgetown 12/1
Michigan State 12/1
Kansas 15/1
Ohio State 20/1
Syracuse 25/1
St. Louis 30/1
New Mexico 30/1
Arizona 40/1
Pittsburgh 40/1
UCLA 50/1
Kansas State 50/1
Oklahoma State 50/1
North Carolina 60/1
Wisconsin 60/1
N.C. State 60/1
Marquette 75/1
VCU 75/1
Minnesota 75/1
Field (any other team) 100/1
Missouri 100/1
Butler 100/1
Kentucky 100/1
Memphis 100/1
UNLV 100/1
Notre Dame 100/1
Colorado State 100/1
Creighton 100/1
Wichita State 200/1
Illinois 200/1
Oregon 200/1
California 200/1
St. Mary's 200/1
San Diego State 200/1
Colorado 200/1
Belmont 200/1
Alabama 300/1
Oklahoma 300/1
Temple 300/1
Villanova 300/1
Davidson 500/1
Arkansas 500/1
Mississippi 500/1
Virginia 500/1
LaSalle 500/1
Iowa State 500/1
Tennessee 500/1
Vanderbilt 500/1
Baylor 500/1
Xavier 500/1
Cincinnati 500/1
Maryland 1000/1
BYU 1000/1
Purdue 1000/1
Seton Hall 1000/1
St. John's 1000/1
West Virginia 1000/1
St. Joseph's 1000/1
Drexel 1000/1
Stanford 1000/1
Southern Miss 1000/1
Mississippi State 1000/1
Providence 1000/1
Oregon State 1000/1
Ohio 1000/1
Northern Iowa 1000/1
Texas A&M 1000/1
South Florida 1000/1
Washington 1000/1
Dayton 1000/1
Clemson 1000/1
Rutgers 1000/1
Texas 1000/1
Florida State 1000/1
Long Beach State 1000/1
Northwestern 1000/1
Iowa 1000/1
Murray State 1000/1
LSU 1000/1
George Mason 1000/1
Marshall 1000/1
Virginia Tech 1000/1
Georgia 1000/1
Harvard 1000/1
Ole Miss 1000/1
Richmond 1000/1
DePaul 1000/1
Utah State 1000/1
Nevada 1000/1
USC 1000/1
South Carolina 1000/1
Georgia Tech 1000/1
St. Bonaventure 1000/1


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