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Monday, March 25, 2013

B1G Ten = Basketball; ES in the Ca$h?

Well, it's official.  The Big Ten is a basketball conference.  Adding the men's and women's tourney, the Big Ten is 16-3 in hoops in the NCAA tournament. The men are 10-3, and the women are 6-0. Thanks to Wisconsin men, the only squad that did not win a tourney game.

ES IN THE $$$$
Give the ES some love.   In the Peanut Barrell pool, he's sitting pretty in the money, at 5th out of 60 entries; the top six are in the money... ES has 11 of 16 teams still remaining, but to win the whole deal he will need to root for... GULP... Miami, Duke, and Michigan.  Looks like a nice payday, but the ES will certainly be rooting to lose his money, as the hatred for the three runs deep.  And, in the ES own pool, he is sitting in second place out of 18 entries, with the top two returning an investment.  In the third pool, the ES hasn't earned squat, but that is based on final digits of scores instead of wisdom and proclivity.

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  1. Anonymous3:45 AM

    The B1G Ten is really a wrestling conference. They dominate the sport like no other in the NCAA. Hopefully, they will get on with dominating hockey too...