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Friday, November 15, 2013

ES Game Day: Spartans v Corn

#14/16 Michigan State Spartans (8-1, 5-0) at Nebraska Corn (7-2, 4-1)

Time:  3:30 pm ET
Location:  Corntown, Nebraska
Weather:  65 and windy, chance of showers
Line: MSU by 6

  • Merriman, MSU 24-17; Bardo, MSU 24-21; Dienhart, MSU 27-14; Yarina, MSU 20-17 
  • Freep:  Rexrode, MSU 19-10; Sharp, NEB 17-16; Seidel, MSU 27-21
  • DetNews, Wojo: MSU 19-13
  •, Feldman:  MSU 17-9
  •  All six pick MSU. 
  •  Bennett, MSU, 17-13; Rittenberg, MSU 20-13
  • NewsOK (Oklahoma):  NEB 19-14
  • Prediction Tracker:  MSU +4.19; the standard deviation is just 2.69, the lowest of all games this weekend; meaning this game has the greatest number of pundits most confident in the Spartans winning by between 1.5 and 7 points. 
  • Rant Sports:  MSU 28-24
  • Athlon:  Gall, MSU 27-20; Light, MSU 24-20; Lassan, MSU 27-20; Fox, MSU 21-17
  • Rexrode, MSU 24-16; Snyder, MSU 21-17; Sharp,  MSU 15-9; Seidel, MSU 17-14
  • MSU 20-10.
  • WhatIfSports:  MSU 23-17
ES sez:

Well, whenever I think of Lincoln, I think of the best song from an album of said name:

I'm going down to Cowtown
The cow's a friend to me
Lives beneath the ocean and that's where I will be
Beneath the waves, the waves
And that's where I will be
I'm gonna see the cow beneath the sea

They Might Be Giants - "Cowtown" from Lincoln (1990).

For me, Corntown is Cowtown.  The ES expects Michigan State to catch and gut that cow beneath the sea.  'Tis well documented by the aforementioned pundits, that Nebraska is one-dimensional on offense with a stellar running game, and an average defense.  The Corn offensive line took a serious blow this week, with junior OG Mike Moudy's shoulder injury in practice making him one of three questionable starters on the line, along with another out for the year.

Michigan State's defense has to be licking its chops.  Its strength is its top-ranked, #1 rush defense with a spectacular pass rush and secondary defense; the Spartans are balanced on offense, and have made very few mistakes this year.  One can argue the Spartans are the most improved team to date above and below both land and sea.

The only hitch?  Big Green has never defeated Big Red.  We're 0-7, never won in EL or in Corntown.

There has to be sometime.  This is the year, and the Spartans are a team of destiny. The Corn have not been dominant against good competition, slipping past a Michigan team that the Spartans thoroughly ripped to shreds.  Expect another dominant performance out of Michigan State defense, but expect RB Abdullah from Nebraska to get a TD and near 100 yards.  Still, that won't cut it against this Spartan defense, the most consistent unit in the nation.  Not this year.

Big Green Touchdown Machine 20, Corntown 13.

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