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Friday, December 06, 2013

ES Game Day, Championship version: Spartan defense will lay the hammer

ES Game Day:

B1G Ten Conference Championship
#9 Michigan State Spartans (11-1/8-0) vs #2 Ohio State Buckeyes (12-0/8-0)

Where:  Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
When:  8 pm, December 7, 2013
TV:  Fox
Line:  Ohio State by 5-1/2


  •  Merriman, MSU 24-21; Bardo, MSU 28-24; Yarina, OSU 27-23; Dienhart, OSU 30-27
  •  Rittenberg, MSU 30-28; Bennett: OSU 27-24
  • CFN/Scout:  OSU, 27-17
  • CBSSports:  Palm: OSU wins & covers; Feldman: OSU 14-10
  • OffTackleEmpire:  OSU 27-23
  • BeforeItsNews: MSU 27-17
  • Bloguin: Kenney, OSU 20-13; Coppens, OSU 34-21; Torres, OSU 20-14; Singleton, OSU 42-28; Biles, OSU 28-18; Parcell, MSU 24-21; Causey, OSU 31-28; McGuire, OSU 24-20; Perry, OSU 28-12
  • movoli:  MSU 27-17
  • CollegeFootballPoll:  Computer says OSU by 7.66, but the blogger picks MSU outright
  • Channel3000/SportsXChange:  MSU 30-27
  • International Business Times:  OSU 41-28
  • CappersPicks: OSU 31-20
  • NewsOK:  OSU 19-17 
  • BuckeyeFansOnly:  probably the most painful website blog on the eye, but it's an aggregate of a ton of different previews out there.  Some predictions, but it just too difficult and bothersome to splice up for the ES site.
Dear Buck-nut fans: 

Those of you who have never set foot on THE OSU campus, who paint yourselves up as ugly looking red and silver Christmas trees, or some reddish porcupine roadkill... those of you who will return on Sunday to your $50,000 two-story, plastic-shuddered houses in Euclid, Mansfield, Zanesville, or your trailers in Springfield... that's right, those of you Buck-nut fans who use your copy of Catcher in the Rye to prop up your garage sale ottoman for your fat ugly legs when watching your Buckeyes on a plasma tv for which you took out a second mortgage... those of you Buck-nut fans who will go to work on Monday to your $15 shifts repairing General Electric microwaves, filling in potholes in 25 degree weather, realigning the plumbing in the shack of another saddended Buck-nut fan whose Little Caeasar pizza didn't agree with him while watching the Buckeyes lose... that's right, you Buck-nuts who think the unethical, cheating, and admitted liar Jim Tressel is a saint and a martyr... those red and white fans who never picked up a book, who never went to college but choose this historically scandalous football program as one deserving your allegiance, this allegiance which is at the pinnacle of arrogance of college football.  Wake up, the ES is speaking to you, you uneducated Buckeye scum. To those fans with NO ties to Ohio State athletics other than the red and white poop-stained underwear in your drawers... the ES sez: why don't you buy a paper, read it with your pink eye, and stick it where the sun don't shine.

To the rest of the Buckeye Nation, the Spartan Nation, and the rest of college football, the ES sez:

Thank the good lord Ohio State is undefeated.  It's hard to like Urban Meyer.  More directly, it's hard not to hate Urban Meyer.  He's a bottom feeder.  The national media is swimming along next to him, sucking up to Meyer and the Buckeyes in the press conference on Wednesday.  Asking MSU defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi about the greatness of the Buckeye offense, Narduzzi quipped, appropriately: “Shoot, maybe we shouldn’t even show up.”  Thankfully, we have the vicious Spartan defense to take its hot poker and stick a big 'ole "L" on his butt cheek.

The ES is looking for payback in this game.  Payback for the cheatin' ways of Tressel, whose players' arrogance for free tattoos and swapping jewelry ended up pushing Michigan State out of what should have deservedly been a Rose Bowl appearance in 2010-2011.  In the record books, Ohio State now has L's next to all the games that season - but what hurt was the collateral damage of the Big Green NOT making it to its Promised Land of wine and roses, instead being sent to Florida for a slaughter at the hands of Alabama.  And, no remorse from the Buckeye faithful.  ES sez: payback is hell.

This is the most significant football game in my 45 years of life.  Why?  This is the best Spartan football team I've ever seen.  It's better than the 2011 team with Kirk Cousins that failed to win the B1G Title game vs Wisconsin.  It's definitely better than the 1988 Rose Bowl team, of which I attended every game: ES watching the title clinching game vs Indiana with mononucleosis, and spending New Years Day basking in the Rose Bowl victory over Southern Cal.

This season, our Michigan State Spartans have defeated every Big Ten team by double digits.  So, when the media says the Big Ten is soft in 2013 - that's fine; the Big Green whooped 'em all.  This is the best Spartans team since we last won the national title in 1966.  That's why we NEED this game:  it's in our blood, THE ROSE BOWL means everything to the Spartan Nation and our proud program.

You can read about the matchups, the stats, all the other hoopla elsewhere. ES sez the player of the game will be Max Bullough, using his storied family Spartan pedigree as inspiration to slow the Buckeye run game and position the defense for game-making plays.  The leader of the best defense in the land that will get it done, and sacrifice himself so his teammates can break Braxton Miller in two. The angry Spartan defense will bully the Buckyes, and by the end of the game will shove a pail of buckeyes right up their arse. The whole nation is rooting for the Spartans because of the near-unanimous hatred of Meyer.  The Spartans will deservedly end this ugly winning streak of that rodent of a coach, Urban Meyer.    

The ES will be at Lucas Oil Stadium, in tears of joy, with Big Bob, Keith, Seth, Sloth and his juniors - handing out red and white roses to Green and White fans who've made the trip.  

ES sez:  MSU 24, Ohio State 20.  See ya in Pasadena!