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Monday, December 02, 2013

The thread on Ohio State for today

The Facebook thread from the Sloth:

... As much as I love getting fired up for the Michigan rivalry, or the incredibly intense battles our Spartans have had in both hoop and football with Wisconsin, I truly and deeply hate Ohio State. everything I dislike most about college sports - the cheating, the double-standards, the looking the other way at the transgressions of kids who very often have no business ever stepping foot on a college campus, the wannabe tough-guy idiotic fans who never attended college and confuse college sports for armed combat, etc. - is epitomized by no alleged institution of higher learning more than The Ohio State University. befitting of its long tradition of white trash assholedom, even its beloved superfan, "Big Nut", did not attend the university, which of course helps to explain why so many Buckeye fans are surprised to learn that the word "college" or "amateur" appears as part of the phrases "college athletics" or "amateur sports". for over 30 years and despite having teams in both Cleveland and Cincinnati, the Buckeyes have remained the best professional football team in the state of Ohio. Lord knows I will cheer as loudly or even louder for our Spartans as any other fan next Saturday in Indy, but regardless of outcome I will grin ear to ear the entire evening knowing that, regardless of which team wins on the football field, I will wake up Sunday morning a Michigan State Spartan, and not just a Spartan for the convenience of being a fan of college sports, either.

  • sloth: and yes, Ma Ward, there are of course exceptions. 
    • ES: the older I get, the more I dislike all of the other Big Ten teams. But, yes, Ohio State is the ugliest of the bunch. Whether its Jim O'Brien and his hoops scum 1999-2002 (and we still kicked their ass), or the entire OSU program and its transgressions dating back to the days of Woody Hayes (too many to name), THE Ohio State University and its athletics arrogance is defined by THE. Can't wait until I see Max Bullough pile-drive Braxton Miller into that plastic grass. Multiple times. That will be worth the price of admission. It's just a matter of time until Urban "I can't have a real heart attack" Meyer gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, just like his predecessors. What a piece of junk.
  • sloth:  have no beef at all with anyone who wants to cheer for the college team of their choice, but I believe that competing in college athletics should be reserved to student athletes and cheering for college athletics should be reserved to those people who want to cheer for student athletes. I have no patience at all for people who cheer for college teams the same way they do professional teams, because the emphasis first and foremost should always be on the "student" part of the equation.
    • ES:  problem with your point being the term "student athlete" was invented by the NCAA to circumvent future lawsuits/workers' comp after a football player died in the early 1950s. I prefer the term "college athlete" or "varsity athlete" instead of the loaded-moniker. Nevertheless, your point still stands.

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