MSU at #8 entering 2014 season... The Enlightened Spartan: MSU at #8 entering 2014 season...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

MSU at #8 entering 2014 season...

Well, the ES has been traveling the globe the past four months, thus sans posting on the Big Green Machine... but shall return just in time for the gridiron season!

Look for the annual ES preview next week, just in time for opening kickoff.  That said, it's been nice to live on big, fluffy, green clouds as I don the Green and White and gush in Spartan successes to fellow alums in Paris, London, and Italy.

Love the love that Michigan State and Mark Dantonio are receiving nationally, especially from the Big Ten Network (here and here).  However, it's GREAT that other numb-nuts still doubt MSU, and continue to have the Spartans play second-fiddle to Urban Meyer and his Ohio State Buckeyes, even though the Green dominated Ohio and the rest of the Big Ten last year en route to the best Big Ten season by any school since 2003.  Once again - we got 'em right where we want 'em.

Here's the AP Poll released today.  #8?  I'll take it.... and watch us move up all season long.  The ES is jonesing for more roses...   :)

AP Rankings
Rankings as of 8/17/2014
RankSchoolVotesPrev Rank
1Florida State (0-0)1496 (57)NR
2Alabama (0-0)1361 (1)NR
3Oregon (0-0)1334 (1)NR
4Oklahoma (0-0)1324 (1)NR
5Ohio State (0-0)1207NR
6Auburn (0-0)1198NR
7UCLA (0-0)1106NR
8Michigan State (0-0)1080NR
9South Carolina (0-0)1015NR
10Baylor (0-0)966NR
11Stanford (0-0)885NR
12Georgia (0-0)843NR
13LSU (0-0)776NR
14Wisconsin (0-0)637NR
15USC (0-0)626NR
16Clemson (0-0)536NR
17Notre Dame (0-0)445NR
18Ole Miss (0-0)424NR
19Arizona State (0-0)357NR
20Kansas State (0-0)242NR
21Texas A&M (0-0)238NR
22Nebraska (0-0)226NR
23North Carolina (0-0)194NR
24Missouri (0-0)134NR
25Washington (0-0)130NR
Others: UCF (94) , Florida (87) , Texas (86) , Duke (71) , Iowa (68) , Louisville (48) , Marshall (41) , Oklahoma State (37) , Virginia Tech (26) , TCU (23) , Mississippi State (22) , Michigan (19) , Texas Tech (19) , Miami (FL) (16) , Cincinnati (15) , Oregon State (10) , Boise State (10) , Northwestern (8) , BYU (8) , Penn State (5) , Vanderbilt (2) , Navy (2) , Nevada (1) , Louisiana (1) , Utah State (1)