Michigan State favored by 31 1/2 over Jax State The Enlightened Spartan: Michigan State favored by 31 1/2 over Jax State

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Michigan State favored by 31 1/2 over Jax State

Michigan State opens as a 31-1/2 point favorite over FCS opponent Jacksonville State next Friday (August 29).  Here are the odds across all the Big Ten for the opening week:

8-28, 10 pm,  Rutgers at Washington State (-8)
8-28, 7 pm, Eastern Illinois at Minnesota (-15 1/2)
8-29, 7 pm, Jacksonville St at Michigan State (-31 1/2)
8-30, 8:30 am, Penn State at Central Florida (-1)
8-30, 12 pm, Appalachian State at Michigan (-34)
8-30, 12 pm, Western Michigan at Purdue (-12 1/2)
8-30, 12 pm, Ohio State (-19) at Navy
8-30, 3:30 pm, Cal at Northwestern (-11)
8-30, 3:30 pm, Florida Atlantic at Nebraska (-23 1/2)
8-30, 9 pm, Louisiana State (-4 1/2) at Wisconsin
8-30, 12 pm, Youngstown State at Illinois (-10 1/2)
8-30, 12 pm, Indiana State at Indiana (-23 1/2)
8-30, 12 pm, Northern Iowa at Iowa (-16 1/2)

8:30, 3:30 pm, James Madison at Maryland (-21 1/2)

About Braxton Miller 

OK, so it takes one day for the ES to chime in on the Big Green getting second-fiddle in the Big Ten... and then, Ohio State's star player is determined to be injured and out for the season.  Suddenly, Michigan State becomes the leading contender for the Big Ten title.

MSU would have won the Big Ten title (with the Buckeyes playing in East Lansing) with or without Braxton Miller on the field for OSU.  However, it now becomes a lot easier for the Spartans.  Miller  was the most significant threat against Michigan State the past two years - including the major playmaker in the Big Ten title game (which MSU won by double digits, anyways).  The Buckeyes always reload, but Miller was their silver bullet.  

Expect the odds to the National Title game to shift significantly.  Before the Miller injury, Ohio State was a 10-1 favorite, with Michigan State 35-1.   The ES figures Michigan State will move up to about 25-1, and Ohio State will drop to 30-1 or 40-1.

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