ES Game Day: Spartans to whip Buckeyes The Enlightened Spartan: ES Game Day: Spartans to whip Buckeyes

Saturday, November 08, 2014

ES Game Day: Spartans to whip Buckeyes

#6/7/8 Michigan State Spartans vs. #11/13/14 Ohio State Buckeyes
November 8, 2014.  8 pm ET.
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI

Line:  Spartans by 3-1/2

Weather:  34 and c-c-c-cold.

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #11, Ohio St #15

Predictions & Previews: 

Land-Grant Holy Land (a very good read):  MSU 31-29
Eleven Warriors: MSU 27-25
ESPN: Bennett, MSU 31-28; Ward, OSU 24-23  MSU 
CFN/Scout: MSU 27-23
Freep/Rexrode:  MSU 34-24
Freep:  Sharp, MSU 24-20; Seidel, MSU 31-28
Det News/Wojo:  MSU 27-22
Columbus Dispatch: MSU 31-24 (breakdown here)
Tom Izzo:  MSU 27-20
Cleveland Plain Dealer:  Landis, OSU 24-21; Wasserman, MSU 26-21; Livingston, OSU 31-27
MLive: no score, but NICE breakdown (Alabama): MSU 38-27
Sports Illustrated:  MSU (unanimous)

ES sez:

Just like last year's Big Ten title game - MSU will score early and often... will falter a bit and allow the Buckeyes to come back.  But far too much firepower from the Spartans this year.  Bottom line: Ohio State has had a very weak schedule to date, both teams have great interior lines... but the Spartans have been more consistent and better along the line and among the playmakers. Ohio State QB JT Barrett ain't seen nothing yet - the Spartan defense will eat him alive tomorrow.  It will be fun!

MSU 34, Ohio State 24.  


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