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Saturday, December 20, 2014

LOL: The $8 million Prodigal Son

Just a quickie about Jim Harbaugh returning to the University of Michigan as football coach.  First, off, for $8 million a year, he'd be a FOOL not to coach the roadkill.  Read ESPN's take and it will make the good lord's head spin:  "[Harbaugh is] an iconic figure there and has been hearing from family and friends about returning as the prodigal son."

Prodigal Son?  For $8 million a year?  Umm.... doesn't entirely fit.

Read the history of "Michigan men" ashamed at Harbaugh ripping his alma mater:

  • here ("Jim Harbaugh has to be some sort of verbal moron... We shouldn't look down on him just because there are six-year-olds with a better sense of what an appropriate public discourse is....  What Harbaugh proposes harms everyone but himself; sadly, it's become obvious we can expect no better from this man"),   
  • here ("kiss any chance of coaching at Michigan goodbye"), 
  • here ("he's not a Michigan man and I wish he had never played here"), 
  • here ("elitist and arrogant"),  etc.

LOL. My how times change when you are getting your asses kicked on the gridiron.  May the seas part for the Harbaugh clan. The arrogance is deafening, and he hasn't even yet publicly announced he has accepted the job.  ES can't wait until MSU comes to Ann Arbor in 2015, Prodigal Son or not.

And, for $8 million per year - there are no guarantees... just ask Notre Dame, Florida, Tennessee, UCLA (for starters).

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