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Thursday, July 30, 2015


So, Connor Cook, AJ Troup, and Tyler Hoover (Indy Colts) walk into the Peanut Barrel last week.  Joe, the owner repeats to them what I have beaten into Joe all year:  "Hi guys, THIS IS IT!"  Cook agreed, said they are focused on winning it all.  And, the three of them are huge human beings.  :)

This leads into the article in the Freep today, with this pretty quote by Cook:

"When you're in this position, you just have to hold people accountable," said Cook, who will have a strong argument over Cousins as the best MSU quarterback under Dantonio with a successful senior season. "There's a time to joke around and be funny, and there's a time to be serious. For me going into my last year, I think I need to be more assertive. More serious as in being a better leader, more vocal, I'm trying to take it up a notch. It's just me going into my last year and not having any regrets."

All I gots to say is... THIS IS IT.  Look at the roster, across the board.  The only two weaknesses are:  RB (my dead grandma can run behind this OL and get 5 yards), and DB (lots of playing time, lots of experience... hopefully the DL can put on the pressure).  Add gun-wielding stud Delton Williams back into RB for a second-chance, and now you have a true STUD at RB (re: Le'Veon Bell, Jehuu Caulcrick - big, shifty, and strong).   The schedule is fairly weak, except for Oregon (home) and Ohio State (road).  The OSU v MSU matchup is likely to be the playoff contender.  So, we gotta figure out how to win vs #1 OSU in Columbus.  We did it before with a shittier team under $aban, we can do it now with a better team.

A win over Ohio State in Columbus, and Urban Meyer will have another fake heart-attack.  Go GREEN.

Look for some new changes from the ES this year.  Video podcasts with a reporter, live GoPro tailgate footage, etc.  I bought the equipment, now its time to ramp it up  Go GREEN!


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