Five things we learned from Michigan State vs Purdue The Enlightened Spartan: Five things we learned from Michigan State vs Purdue

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Five things we learned from Michigan State vs Purdue

Five things we learned about the Spartans' in its 24-21 yawner over Purdon't:

1.  The Spartans dropped in the polls, to #4, lost all the first place votes... and justifiably so.  This was a team that made mistakes on offense, on defense, on special teams, and poor coaching... against a Purdue team many feel is the worst in the Big Ten.  

2. Michigan State really struggled to complete drives in the second half.  Its possessions included:

7 plays, 14 yards, 4:27, punter drops long snap.
9 plays, 57 yards, 5:02, missed chip shot FG.
8 plays, 65 yards. 4:11, FG.
6 plays, 19 yards, 3:41, punt. 

Not good.  This team needed to finish plays.  Blame the coaches for some of this.  The weather turned NASTY to 40-degrees sleet and coach D started punting from midfield (why?) and setting up field goals on 4th and short.  EVERYONE WHO WAS LEFT in the stadium was yelling NO!!!!!  because we could feel our own soaked shorts freeze.  Just run the ball in bad weather.  The FG miss by Geiger was as much a victim of bad weather than bad kicking.  Punter Jake Hartbarger having the snap sail through his hands was stupid in the sleet and wind. Blown opportunities. 

3.  Andy Provenzano and The Weather Channel were way off their predictions of when the bad weather was to arrive.  The weather gods decided to piss ice on Spartan Stadium 5 hours earlier than Andy and his boys predicted.  It spoiled an OK-weather day for Homecoming.  About the worst weather in the 25 years the ES has spent in Spartan Stadium.  And, yes, the ES left in the middle of the 4th quarter because he was unprepared and soaked to the bone in frozen wetness.  

4.  LJ Scott is the real deal.  If there was a player of the game for MSU, it was LJ Scott at RB.  He amassed 146 yards on 18 carries (8.1 ypc) and had an incredible 30-yd TD run through busted tacks and keeping his balance.  

5.  Injuries continue to mount.  In the sleet and hail, sophomore Dennis Finley at LT broke his leg in two places.  There was certainly concern from us in the stands, we were shivering in the stands but really worried about the dude's injury as he was carted off the field. As stated via "MSU made arrangements to shore up its depleted line by moving All-America center Jack Allen to left tackle, switching his younger brother, Brian, from left guard to center and putting red-shirt freshman David Beedle in at left guard. Brandon Clemons and Miguel Machado also filled in."  We need to heal Jack Conklin and Kodi Keiler... BAD.