Enlightened Preview: Michigan State hosts Iowa The Enlightened Spartan: Enlightened Preview: Michigan State hosts Iowa

Friday, September 29, 2017

Enlightened Preview: Michigan State hosts Iowa

Michigan State (2-1, 0-0) vs. Ugly Chickens (3-1, 0-0)
Sagarin Ratings: MSU #37, Ugly Chickens #31

September 28, 2017.  4:00 ET
Spartan Stadium
East Lansing, MI

Weather:  61 and sunny
TV:  Fox

Yes, we are the whipping post for the nation.  Against the Irish, the ES wanted to projectile vomit after the first period.  There's nothing like laying an egg on national television.  That was wonderful. 

It was amusing seeing how Coach Dantonio took a page out of the ES’ playbook from TWO WEEKS AGO and finally encouraged LJ Scott to carry a football around campus all week.  It was, unfortunately, A WEEK LATE… Scott is so talented, he just can’t keep fumbling into the end zone.  

On the coaches show yesterday at Reno’s, with co-defensive coords Harlon Barnett and Mike Tressel, they were singing the praises of Dave Warner (what????) and that “we believe we could have beaten ND without all the mistakes.”  

The new helmet for the Spartans with the coaching staff in stained air
What were they smoking?  What was the final score????  38-18 Irish, right?  Was I in the same stadium?  And, the Spartans had two weeks to prepare for that drubbing?  

MSU O-Coordinator Dave Warner is a buffoon.  His quote after the game ““Change our approach? Maybe. Because what we are doing is not working… We are doing what we have been doing, for years and years around here. Protecting the football. It’s not taking place right now.”  Do something different?  DUH.  No shit, Sherlock. 

Hey, Dave: here’s another idea.  Practice and play the fundamentals instead of using all these reverse read-options.  It looks stupid, and it ain’t working.  If it didn’t work against the Friggin’ Irish, it sure won’t work against Iowa.   Warner has GOT TO BE FIRED.  

Interestingly, the bookies in Vegas are smoking the same thing as Barnett and Tressel - they have made the Big Green three point faves.  Excuse me while I put my mortgage, my car, and my kids college funds on an Iowa team that lost to Penn State on the last play of the game -- although statistically, the Ugly Chickens were thoroughly dominated, doubled up in total yards (579-273 PSU), possession (39:39 - 20:21 PSU), and tripled up in first downs (29-11 PSU).  

Still, that’s the easiest bet the ES has ever made.  


Sloth: 24-7, Chickenhawks.
Ham: Warner has to go. Michigan state won't be able to beat any proper competition with him running the offense. State will continue to be bad until he's gone.
Australian Paul: MSU 41- IOWA 0
Not-even-21-yet Greg: 31-24 Iowa
RGM3: We will NOT have a repeat of last year. MSU will come back with a performance Msu fans need to see. With that I have MSU 31 Iowa 17
Big Joe & Phantom 309: MSU 17- Iowa 14, it'll be a tough slog of a game and I don't anticipate any scoring until the second half
Everything's Big in Texas Deb:  MSU 28-24
G:  Sparty rights the ship, 24-17 MSU
Sluggo: Another shitty year for MSU. Head coach on the chopping block. Pun in there somewhere
Zzzzz-ech:  Iowa 37-20

ES sez:  Sorry, Spartan fans.  After witnessing the debacle against ND, this Spartan team just is not talented enough and is NOT getting any better.  Don’t see how the Big Green TD Machine can pull this one off.  Ugly Chickens 31, Dave Warner 17.

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