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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Thank You Penn State

The Penn State offense at Michigan State
This is why you play the games.  Big Green up to #13

The ES has been to 1,000+ football games, but this was up there - top 10.  Screw the weather, enjoy the moment. That :49 drive was perfect.  Perfect.  The good Lord could not have scripted it better. Speaking of Him:

Thank you for lightning.

Thank you 400+ yards back-to-back, Mr. Lewerke.

Thank you for the cold, wet Novembers of mid-Michigan.

Thank you for ouzo.

Thank you for allowing our coach to dominate you.

Thank you for the Spartan Fight Song.

Thank you for witnessing complete control over a game.  Control.  This was a gift for you to learn how to coach a football game.  You are welcome.

Thank you coaching up 2-star recruits.

Thank you Michigan, Penn State, and Iowa.

Thank you for you and your dialed-in Vegas connections on a spank-down: NOT. 

The Pennsylvania State University: You are always invited.

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