ES Game Day: Fitz v Mr T. The Enlightened Spartan: ES Game Day: Fitz v Mr T.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

ES Game Day: Fitz v Mr T.

 Michigan State Spartans (1-3) vs #8 Northwestern Wildcats (5-0)

November 28, 2020. 12 noon ET. CHANGED LAST MINUTE TO 3:30 PM ET.
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI.
Weather: 40/sunny.

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #38, Northwestern #8
Straight outta Vegas: Fitzgerald by 2 TDs (13)

COVID status: Unfortunately, COVID has not yet hit the Spartan footballers hard enough. So, we must witness this one. Praise the good man above that Rocky is wiping the benches today. Otherwise, this could get ugly…


Carter (Albany, CA): 45-7 NW
J Dog (Clarkston): NW /MSU has always been a Freakshow. So I’m going 13 MSU – 10 NW
Smig, Tom Waits’ Neighbor (Novato, CA): Nw27 mSU 10
Big Bob (Kalamazoo): 34-17 Northwestern
Keith (Pontiac): Slaughter 30-10 nw
Sloth (Pittsburgh, PA): Boredom
C Hock (SFO): MSU 28-24
Kat (Jackson): COVID 10, Big Ten 0. COVID wins the Big Ten championship

The ES sez (Jackson): Fitz 17, Mr T. 13