Michigan State's bowl fate on Dec 6; Izzo passes Heathcote The Enlightened Spartan: Michigan State's bowl fate on Dec 6; Izzo passes Heathcote

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Michigan State's bowl fate on Dec 6; Izzo passes Heathcote

What is the Spartans' football fate? Well, MSU's possible travels outside of the Detroit Pizza Bowl certainly improved this weekend with losses by #9 Pitt and #12 Oklahoma State, making it more likely for a pair of Big Ten teams to make it to the BCS: Ohio State and either Iowa or Joe Pa (if JoePa makes it over Iowa, it is complete robbery, with Iowa crushing the Old Man in Happy Valley earlier this year). Also, expect two other BCS at-large births to go to undefeated #5 Boise State and undefeated #4 TCU.
The only thing that could upset this ship is if Nebraska defeats Texas in the Big 12 title game. Note: If Pitt beats undefeated Cincinnati next week for the BCS bid from the Big Least, Cincy will be hung out to dry; the same with potential upsets of Oregon State over Oregon in the Pac 10, or of Clemson over Georgia Tech in the ACC - expect only one bid from either of those conferences.

Here is last week's bowl forecast from ESPN, which remains the same after this past weekend.

Assuming a Texas win over Nebraska in the Big 12 title game:

BCS Title: Ala/Fla (SEC) vs Texas (Big 12)
Fiesta: Boise St (WAC/at large) vs Iowa/Joe Pa (Big 10/at large)
Sugar: Ala/Fla (SEC/at large) vs Pitt/Cincy (Big Least)
Orange: Georgia Tech/Clemson (ACC) vs TCU (MWC/at large)
Rose: Oregon/Oregon State (Pac 10) vs Ohio State (Big 10)

Bowl Selection show is slated to be broadcast at 8 pm EST next Sunday night, Dec 6, on Fox. Everyone is still projecting a Michigan State vs Texas Tech matchup in the Alamo Bowl. If so, that would be played on January 2 at 9 pm on ESPN. And, with that spread offense, you can expect TTU will be licking its chops with a hemorrhaging, disappointing Spartan secondary.

Izzo passes Heathcote; UNC up next
And, in case you missed it, Michigan State crushed UMass last night, 106-68, to improve to 5-1 overall and give head coach Tom Izzo his 341st victory. Izzo surpassed Heathcote for most wins as a coach in the school's illustrious basketball history. Next up? Rematch of the National Title game to be played down in Chapel Hill, with a MSU-UNC tipoff on Tuesday at 9 pm on ESPN.

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