Greg Jones is Big Ten's MVP. Right? The Enlightened Spartan: Greg Jones is Big Ten's MVP. Right?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Greg Jones is Big Ten's MVP. Right?

Adam Rittenberg at ESPN has added some video commentary, so you can see his scruggly hair wave along with his opinions... and, his latest opinion is a good one.

AR is giving the nod for Michigan State's All-World LB Greg Jones to be named the overall MVP of the Big Ten, the first time since that Yellow Belly Charles Woodson won it as a corner for scUM in 1997. Rittenberg rests his laurels on the fact that the Big Ten's defensive units have been consistently better for most of the year, better than offenses, anyhow. Hmmm.... while I'll agree with him on the MVP choice, I'm not sure about the fact that Big Ten defenses have been better than offenses -- sans the 15-13 Iowa-MSU slugfest.

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