MSU to earn $1.5 million for Alamo Bowl trip The Enlightened Spartan: MSU to earn $1.5 million for Alamo Bowl trip

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MSU to earn $1.5 million for Alamo Bowl trip

Michigan State will reap $1. 5 million to head to the Alamo Bowl, which will most likely cover expenses -- and potentially any unsold ticket allotment not picked up by Spartan fans. That's pretty good for a 6-6 team; Ohio State, which heads to the Rose Bowl, gets just $2.2 million off a $18.3 million pay day -- the rest is shared equally by Big Ten teams. So, while MSU had a disappointing season, it is only $700,000 away from an equal pay day as Big Ten champion Ohio State.


Bowl: School — Payout/Allotment

Rose: Ohio State — $18.3M/$2.2M
Iowa — $4.5M/$1.95M
Capital One:
Penn State — $4.5M/$1.7M
Northwestern — $3.3M/$1.7M
Michigan State — $2.25M/$1.5M
Sports Wisconsin — $2.25M/$1.5M
Minnesota — $1.35M/$1.35M

Totals: $36.275M/$11.9M

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  1. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Hey! I've been overseas this fall? What's the payout for the bowl game U of M is going to? I can't find it anywhere?