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Monday, December 21, 2009

A Lone Star Spartan Holiday Season

Time for the Big Green to put that push that toasted desert of a state into the Gulf of Mexico this holiday season. Michigan State faces Texas Tech in the Alamo Bowl on January 2, and tomorrow will travel down to Austin to face the Texas Longhorns on the hardwood. We all know Santa is a Spartan, and he will bring a can of whoop-ass to Texas this week.

So, the Spartans are 8 point underdogs in the Alamo Bowl to Texas Tech. Started out as 6 1/2 point 'dogs, now it is up to 8. Everyone is putting their money on the high-flying Red Raiders -- and who could blame 'em? With the suspensions to umpteen Spartan players, two wideouts and RB suspended who would have likely seen playing time... yes, Mr. MD certainly has his work cut out.


The Michigan State Spartans - Texas Longhorns shootout is scheduled on Tuesday, at 7 pm. You can watch the game on ESPN 2. Of course, #2 and 10-0 Texas is coming off a big 103-90 victory over #11 North Carolina before 38,000 fans at the new stadium for the Cowboys. Noone hit that big jumbotron TV with a basketball. The ES can't find a line on the game yet, but last year the Horns were favored by 5 1/2 when we went down there and whipped their arse.

MSU has won the last three meetings between the teams; In fact, Michigan State has never lost to UT during the regular season. In each of the previous meetings, Texas was ranked higher yet Izzo and the Big Green prevailed the last three times. Time to make it a fourseome?
Yes, the rankings are not out yet, but at least we can look at Jeff Sagarin to see where the Big Ten stands so far... and, Michigan, ranked at #162, is irrelevant as a basketball team this year, once again. The garbage they call basketball in Ann Arbor proves that the Big Least and WVU are no match for the Big Ten... but making it to the NCAA tournament once every 10 years ain't so bad now, is it?

Here's Sagarin, through Sunday. This week, Michigan State is the only Big Ten team facing competition ranked by the media poll (AP) or coaches poll (USA Today). And, when considering Sagarin ratings, MSU faces #1 Texas.. the next closest competition is Minnesota facing #48 San Diego State.

Purdue #5. Next up: Southern Illinois.
Wisconsin #17. Next up: Wisc-Milwaukee, Illinois-Chicago.
Ohio State #19. Next up: Cleveland St.
Big Green #26. Next up: #1 Texas
Minnesota #39. Next up: San Diego St.
Northwestern #42. Next up: Central Connecticut St.
Illinois #78. Next up: Missouri.
Joe Pa #142. Next up: American Univ.
Michigan #162. Next up: Coppin St.
Indiana #175. Next up: Loyola-MD, Bryant
Iowa #192. Next up: S. Carolina St.

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