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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TTU's Leach FIRED in advance of Alamo Bowl

Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach was fired today three days before the Alamo Bowl vs Michigan State. As the ES stated earlier last night, "word to the wise: DON'T SUE YOUR EMPLOYER. You're just going to piss them off more."

As predicted, it happened. Leach was fired this morning just prior to the hearing before court to have him reinstated as coach for the Alamo Bowl. They are speechless over at the Double T Nation.

According to ESPN, "(Leach attorney) Ted Liggett said that Texas Tech general counsel Pat Campbell approached him outside the courtroom and told him that win, lose or draw in the hearing, Leach was out, effective immediately." After being notified in writing, Liggett told the judge there was no need for the hearing.

As the ES said, you can't treat a football player under your responsibility like meat after they have been diagnosed with a concussion. You can't play doctor and give out a treatment method. It is better that you listen to the player for his welfare - if you don't get along with the player, then get rid of the kid (terminate the scholarship), but don't throw them in a closet for 3 hours (twice).

Stupid action #1: don't listen to player or trainer, and put James in a shed
Stupid action #2: don't listen to player and put James in a shed again
Stupid action #3: act like a tough guy and don't apologize to a high-profile family for your selfish, incorrect actions
Stupid action #4: take your employer (the university) to court five days before you are due $800,000

What a dummy. As a university who previously employed Bobby Knight in basketball, why would you want this nonsense around? Don't take my word for it? Listen to what Kirk Herbstreit says...

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