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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dan Enos to CMU?

Interesting post on the ES message board; one individual reports that Dan Enos has interviewed to be the head coach at Central Michigan University. Enos is the running back's coach at Michigan State and one of the team's best recruiters. He was a quarterback at Michigan State at the end of our last glory years under George Perles; he helped lead the Big Green to its last conference title about 400 years ago (ok, back in 1990, which is 20 years ago).

As you know, Brian Kelly left GVSU for CMU, and then left CMU for Cincinnati, and then left Cincy for ND. When he left CMU for Cincy, the Chips hired Butch Jones. Jones just left for Cincy to fill Kelly's vacancy. So, will Enos be the next head Chippewa?

Yes, it would be a good pick by the Chips and a tough loss for MSU.


  1. i wish dan enos the best if he gets picked or accepts such a position.i would rather see one of the other assistants go that has not helped the football team of m.s.u.'s when needed.ihope mich state can do better on the gridiron next season after what has happened this year.

  2. CMU coach search down to 4 potential candidates with a decision to be announced early this week. Reports indicate Dan Enos is one of the top two choices along with current CMU Offensive Coordinator Mike Bajakian.