Michigan State to whip Minnesota tonite The Enlightened Spartan: Michigan State to whip Minnesota tonite

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Michigan State to whip Minnesota tonite

Not going to the game tonight. Harumph.

But, this is a big talent mismatch at nearly every position in Michigan State's favor. As for team results, again a huge mismatch when you look at the final scoreboard numbers. Minny lacks impressive wins (Ohio State?) and has losses to Portland, Miami, Texas A&M, and Purdue. In its four road losses, Minny has scored no more than 65 points and as averaging 59.7. Minny is 2-4 away from home this year. MSU has impressive wins against Wisconsin and Gonzaga, both at the Brez. In Michigan State's three losses (all on the road vs ranked opponents Florida, UNC, Texas) it scored no less than 68 and averaged 74.8.

When just comparing losses, MSU averaged 15 more points than Minnesota. And, MSU's losses were to quality, Minny's were to sisters-of-the-poor. And, this game is at home. And, ....

That's enuff for the ES. You can't bring that crap into the Brez and expect to win. It will be a whipper-snapper. Michigan State 79, Minnesota 63. Player of the game: Kalin Lucas. He'll score at least 25 against the Gophers.

Here's a preview from thy enemy blog, Minny's From the Barn.

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