The Rise of Michigan State... Again The Enlightened Spartan: The Rise of Michigan State... Again

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Rise of Michigan State... Again

The ES anxiously awaits USA Today and AP rankings this week for the men's hoops team.

There were certainly upsets in the Top 10, giving room for #10 Michigan State to move up. As expected, Wisky beat #4 Purdon't and ruining their feeling of invincibility. The cream always rises to the top, now, doesn't it. The Big Green is back atop the Big Ten leaderboard, where it rightfully should be. Other losses were #9 UNC to Charleston, #8 West Virginia to Notre Dame, #5 Duke to Georgia Tech, and of course #1 Kansas to Tennessee.

This, combined with Michigan State's thrashing at home of Wisconsin (54-47) and whipping of Iowa in the corn state (71-53), should move the Spartans up to #8 or #7. According to Sagarin, Purdon't dropped to #5, Wisky to #12, MSU is at #13, and Minny is at #36. According to RPIratings, Purdon't is #5, Wisky #15, MSU #25, Minny #43.

The hockey team ain't bad either, with a win and a tie/shootout loss to Lake Superior State this weekend. MSU was #13 in the nation heading into the weekend, and at 15-6-3/10-3-3 is just one point behind CCHA leaders Ferris State and Miami-Ohio.

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