FINAL FOUR BABY! Michigan State defenses Tennessee, 70-69 The Enlightened Spartan: FINAL FOUR BABY! Michigan State defenses Tennessee, 70-69

Sunday, March 28, 2010

FINAL FOUR BABY! Michigan State defenses Tennessee, 70-69

Michigan State advances to the Final Four, again! This is our year that we win the national title... Yeah! The ES is so fired up! See you in Indy! We kicked Tennessee ass, 70-69 into Indy! Seriously, it was probably the BEST game of the entire NCAA tourney, just solid hoops beginning to end, both teams evenly matched.

Brilliant late coaching by Izzo, including having Morgan miss that FT at 1:8 seconds left. Why not? Force Tennessee to make the play, and they came up far short. Before that, Michigan State rolled down the court and a BRILLIANT play off the missed Tenn free throw with Green pushing it and dropping the pass into Morgan for a shot in the deep post; the refs had no choice but to call the mauling by Tennessee.... but it would have been nice for Lucious to hit the first of the front end of the FTs with 40 seconds left.

Still, MSU hit the shots at the end, AGAIN, and we win! Raymar Morgan (13 pts, 10 rebs, 2 stls) was an absolute BEAST as was Draymond Green (13 reb, 5-10, 2 asts) and Delvon Roe, controlling the paint. AS the ES previewed before the game, both Green Morgan were co-players of the game. FYI - Durrell Summers continues to provide the offensive juice with 21 points on 8-10 shooting. The guy is solid.... but he goes through 15-20 minute streches (like today) where he is scoreless. If he had one whole game, he's score 50 points, seriously. He is that good.

At this point, the worst thing opponents should fear about MSU: time. All this time gives MSU Spartans time to heal, which will only help the contributions of Delvon Roe and Chris Allen, and give time for Izzo to prepare for the title game. BUT WE ARE THERE! Michigan State has the best shot of any in the final four, with great defensive matchups. YES!


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