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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Izzo we Trust

Brilliant. Abso-freakingly brilliant. Of all the great articles written about Michigan State since secruring the Final Four... maybe this is the best, from the Free Press:

Does MSU really belong among college basketball's elite?

"Michigan State pulled off something truly remarkable in sports on Sunday when it advanced to the Final Four. The Spartans simultaneously surprised everybody and nobody."

"I granted [Izzo] a lifetime pass a couple of years ago totally exempting from being second guessed ever again."

"The Izzo debate really needs to shift from where he ranks in basketball to where he ranks in history. And the good news for Michigan State fans is that he seems primed and focused to make a lot more history going forward."

"Someone told me once to assume the worst about the Lions and you’ll probably be right. We should now always assume the best about Michigan State, and we’ll probably be right.

In fact, I just filled out my bracket for 2011 and I have State going to the Final Four."

Tears of joy. A real gem. God, the ES loves being a Spartan!

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