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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Izzo hates the Big Ten Tourney

OK, so it sucks we lost in OT vs Minny yesterday in the Big Ten tourney. Not having Chris Allen hurt more than the ES thought on the offense, not so much on defense. The Spartans lost that game with a few mistakes at the very end of regulation, even though they had turned that defensive intensity to broiling point. Letting Joseph nail the three was brutal, but the missed layup by Kebler (talk about him in a minute) and the last play with Lucas driving and not getting a shot off... well, so be it. Still, the ES figured we'd sink 'em, but the missed FTs by Morgan and Lucas in OT -- both visibly gassed -- told the tale. A surprise, but a hard fought and physical game. With Allen, that game was a W. Morgan was a BEAST, his best game of the year...

OK, the story continues... then today Minny goes out and stomps on Purdue by 27 - my god - 69-42, just a crushing win.

The lineup last night at crunch time was, well, weird. Izzo puts in Kebler (he had 20 minutes) and Nix... sure we dropped a Minny 10 point lead to zero. But we needed points after getting back to square one and both Morgan and Lucas were exhausted. Shit, Summers was in the doghouse the whole second half. Kebler is a very very good defensive player, esp. as a walk on. But, when on the break and the dish from Lucas, he just couldn't get it done on offense... and the TO was critical.

It makes one wonder the extent that Izzo values the Big Ten tourney. These guys went through a brutish schedule and cliched a share of the regular season... and then the best players aren't in on crunch time in the tourney? The ES figures Izzo is saving legs for the NCAAs, and trying to skate by with playing around with lineups... almost like a hockey coach playing with his lines.

Morgan went freaking nuts on Friday nite, it is too bad it was for naught. But, methinks these guys are just fine, esp. if Allen comes back watch out. Remember, we clamped down on Minny the last 7 minutes of regulation and completely shut them down. and, then they turn around and beat Purdue by 27??? We ain't so bad, and we know what we have. Defense wins championships. Bring on the NCAAs, and we welcome any chumps from Ann Arbor to join on the bandwagon.

MSU will likely be a #4 seed in the tournament, esp. with all these other teams falling early. But, if you take Bracketology today, I'd take it... we'd run the region.

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