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Friday, April 02, 2010

62% of MSU Final Four players graduated

It must be database day. The Indy Star put out a fascinating piece today, a database of the graduation status of all the students who played in the Final Four from 1991-2007. So, the ES types in "Michigan State", and...

"Michigan State appeared in the Final Four four times during the period studied (1999, 2000, 2001, 2005). 62 percent of Final Four players received a degree from Michigan State. Michigan State ranks 12th in graduation rate of Final Four players compared to other schools in the study."

Ager, MauriceMichigan State2005No Details
Anagonye, AloysiusMichigan State2001Yes Details
Anagonye, AloysiusMichigan State2000Yes Details
Anderson, AlanMichigan State2005Yes Details
Ballinger, AdamMichigan State2001Yes Details
Ballinger, AdamMichigan State2000Yes Details
Bell, CharlieMichigan State2001Yes Details
Bell, CharlieMichigan State2000Yes Details
Bell, CharlieMichigan State1999Yes Details
Bograkos, TimMichigan State2005Yes Details
Brown, ShannonMichigan State2005No Details
Chappell, MikeMichigan State2001Yes Details
Chappell, MikeMichigan State2000Yes Details
Cleaves, MateenMichigan State2000No Details
Cleaves, MateenMichigan State1999No Details
Davis, DougMichigan State1999No Details
Davis, PaulMichigan State2005Yes Details
Granger, A.J.Michigan State2000Yes Details
Granger, A.J.Michigan State1999Yes Details
Hill, ChrisMichigan State2005Yes Details
Hutson, AndreMichigan State2001Yes Details
Hutson, AndreMichigan State2000Yes Details
Hutson, AndreMichigan State1999Yes Details
Kelley, ThomasMichigan State1999 Details
Klein, JasonMichigan State1999Yes Details
Naymick, DrewMichigan State2005Yes Details
Neitzel, DrewMichigan State2005No Details
Peterson, MorrisMichigan State2000Yes Details
Peterson, MorrisMichigan State1999Yes Details
Richardson, JasonMichigan State2001No Details
Richardson, JasonMichigan State2000No Details
Smith, AntonioMichigan State1999Block Details
Smith, BrandonMichigan State2001 Details
Taylor, MarcusMichigan State2001Block Details
Thomas, DavidMichigan State2001 Details
Thomas, DavidMichigan State2000 Details
Torbert, KelvinMichigan State2005No Details
Trannon, MattMichigan State2005No Details

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