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Monday, April 19, 2010

Adam Rittenberg's Rumor Mill

The funny thing here is that's Adam Rittenberg doesn't pay attention to the same things he writes and reports on. OK, Big Ten officials and institution presidents may be attending an AAU meeting, but they won't make any decisions on Big Ten expansion this weekend... or in the next two months. Why? Because, as Rittenberg hisself reports, "The Big Ten said in December its expansion study was expected to take 12-18 months."

With schools of this size, you just can't get approval for anything that large in less time. And, every other conference is waiting for the Big Ten's move to see what it will do... so, wait we will, until the study is delivered no sooner than December 2010 and Big Ten school leaders review it a few months following. ES sez any expansion will take place no sooner than June 2011.

Adam needs to stop the rumor mill, innuendos, and conjectures and pay attention to his own reporting.

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