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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Texas, Oklahoma to Big Ten?

Sources to the ES are stating that Texas is mulling an olive branch from the Big Ten and that the UT-Oklahoma link is solid. Texas A&M Also may follow suit and join the Big Ten. This is also being reported over at KCTV-5, though that station has OU heading to the SEC. But Texas is the Big Enchilada, and its regents will decide on Tuesday to accept an invitation to the Pac 10, apply to the Big Ten, or remain in the Big 12.

According to the sources, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney has been given the go-ahead to make contacts and gestures on behalf of Big Ten presidents, led by Big Ten Presidential Committee chair, MSU president Lou Anna Simon. These are no formal agreements... but rather setting the stage for adept, and quick formal negotiations.

My oh my how it gets interesting and more interesting. A Texas/Oklahoma/Nebraska addition to the Big Ten would be major shift and domination among one conference in NCAA athletics, particularly in football. it may be worthy of 2 automatic BCS bids.

If this is the case, don't be surprised to see Kansas/Kansas State/Missouri/Iowa State head to the Mountain West.

Stay tuned.

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