Welcome, Nebraska! The Enlightened Spartan: Welcome, Nebraska!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome, Nebraska!

And, Missouri, and likely Kansas, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh; maybe Texas A&M. The ES still has a tough time believing Rutgers or Iowa State.

But, Nebraska gets the first nod as the Big Ten's twelfth addition. Someone got a new logo for the Big 10/12? If so, post it somewhere and comment on the link to it.

But, it won't last long. Oh, no it won't. Colorado is now at the Pac-11/16. They'll add lots of Texas schools. Don't be surprised to see Texas A&M go to the Big Ten.

Nebraska board of regents will vote today (Friday) at 1 pm.

It won't solve the problem of finances in college sports - it just means more money to be made and spent on college sports, and more of the smaller schools (MAC, WAC, C-USA) will be further behind. But, who cares, right? Hell, MSU and Texas A&M were made for each other.

Realistically, Notre Dame is OUT and the Big 12 has vanished. I see the Big 16 and Pac 16 beginning in 2012.

And, this is all about football - nothing more. Basketball, who cares? All the other 20+ sports? Doesn't matter. Because football is money.

Hey, I've traveled to Penn State; I've been to Nebraska twice. They're about equal when it comes to campus environment and geographic location: a long way to go see a cool football game.

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